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Killing StalkingThis is seriously one of the most fucked up things I have ever read in my life and I am loving every minute of it. One minute it's suspense the next minute it's WTF. Sangwoo is crazy and boss and hot af.
Official art by Koogi to celebrate 20K followers on Twitter! Follow her and show her your support!!

SangBum is best couple
This is too precious they are so cute and so in love someone save me.

Me, everyday, since I found Killing Stalking:

This is the cutest and purest ship in the world

Yurio is an angel

Otabek is suave and hot af

Yurio's other bf JJ is too fine

Welcome to the Madness


~Ai no Kusabi~
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful BL stories of all time. Not to mention, hot as fuck.

Being made into an anime is seriously gonna be the death of me. It's just too fucking cute~

VirusxAobaxTrip is LIFE
Because Seme x2 + Crying Boy = Win
Mink is best DMMd boy


BL is life, and right now I've got a few obsessions. Killing Stalking by Koogi is one of those obsessions and I have no regrets. I read it for the BL, now I'm staying for the horror and suspense, plus Sangwoo is fine af. DRAMAtical Murder is probably my favorite BL game followed by No Thank You!! while Ai no Kusabi is my favorite BL anime (2012 OVA) and novel. In These Words has become a close second. Favorite BL manga is probably the Finder series alongside Totally Captivated. Yuri!! on Ice is the most refreshing thing I've seen in a long time and Otayuri is my life, probably the cutest ship I've ever seen. The most adorable anime/manga ever SUPER LOVERS has taken over my life and I love it. I'm always glad to find a fellow BL fan or someone who doesn't mind me geeking out about it and laughing about it as well. Feel free to send me a PM or comment on my page, I'll show you the same respect you show me so let's get along well^^

Images on my pagetext for hideAll images belong to their respective copyright owners, I own nothing. SUPER LOVERS belongs to Abe Miyuki. In These Words belongs to Guilt Pleasure. DMMd belongs to Nitro+. Ai no Kusabi belongs to Rieko Yoshihara. YOI belongs to MAPPA & Mitsuro Kubo.

You can read the Korean Webcomic Killing Stalking legally & officially on Lezhin Comics. All images belong to the creator, Koogi.

Gif with text by Cataudon (given permission)
The red fanarts are by SUKI Zwee (given permission)
3rd KS gif by @suicidehes (given permission)
Avatar by Kotkuro (stated reposting with credit is fine)

All other arts/gifs I found online randomly, I did not create them. If at any time the creators of these images wish for me to longer use them please let me know.

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~BL Obsessed~

Virus & Trip thank you for your visit.
Riki & Iason insist you pull up a chair and have some water.
Sit back and relax. Don't be shy, BL is best enjoyed with friends.

Sangwoo doesn't mind if you drop by for a bit, though he may take a while to respond. He's quite busy these days.


This series is ruining my life and I don't even care.

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