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RinRei FTW!

I don't like Fate/whatever or Monogatari series; I don't care for Miku, Vocaloid or BRS; I'm not interested in One Piece or in your average battle shounen; I find loli truly distasteful, I despise ecchi and ridiculous oppai; excessive moe makes me rage.

So, yeah, it's a tough life being a collector when the 98% of figures produced represent exactly what you don't like. :-/

I love stories about time travel, paradoxes and parallel universes. I love stories about japanese folklore and supernatural (especially the ones about youkai and ayakashi mixed with slice of life). I love mystery and detective stories. I adore spokon.

I hate Figmas with a passion. I honestly think they're the ugliest.


1. Alter's Rei Ryuugazaki item #512115 It's been a looooong wait but we did it! Best boy is coming! ♥
2. Sesshoumaru (a re-release of item #1318 would do it, but I'd also like a new sculpting and a more dynamic pose)
3. Daisuke Motomiya item #441998 That price though! T_T


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