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01 месяц назадShizukaShizuka
Sarukah (1 месяц назад) #23084077Hi! I figured I could ask you since you manage to collect all/most things Tales of ^^
Regarding ufotable's new batch of exclusive merch they're putting out ([ext link ]); if you already know about it, are you going to buy or trying to get the goods from it? I'm trying to work out how I can possibly obtain them (without having to pay 10x the original price for them on auction sites later). I tried FromJapan proxy, but they're unable to go to the event for me. What are you doing or do you have any suggestions?
Sorry for the random question and thanks for your time :)

Hi. tbh I didn't know about these until you sent them to me lol. I usually buy Tales of stuff directly from Kotobukiya, Lalabit Market, or any other Japanese websites that accept foreign credit cards. As for goods sold at events, I always get them from Yahoo Auction on FromJapan. I usually search for such goods the first day of the event, because usually in the first day people sell them for a good price. It's not the actual price of the product, but it's not necessarily too expensive since the goods are limited.

If you can't get them from auctions in the first few days of the event, you should look for them in a few months or so. Usually their prices drop and people will sell them for a lot cheaper than before, especially if a similar event was announced.

Sorry if this isn't much help ^^" If I find a place to get them for a good price I'll make sure to send it to you.
02 месяца назадTabithaTabitha
Sarukah (2 месяца назад) #22195826Hi! I was just wondering where you found/how you got item #588552
I need it in my life and I'm not sure where to look for it. Thanks ^^

Bought it directly from Kotobukiya shop but it's no longer available there. [ext link ]
Maybe you should try yahoo auctions?
04 месяца назадCasperBatCasperBat
Sarukah (4 месяца назад) #20004352Hi! I just wanted to ask a question about the ufotable cafe in Tokyo. Do they allow people to walk in just to buy the merchandise they sell? I have a friend who is going to visit Tokyo and asked if he would pick up a couple things for me that they only sell there. Thank you!
Nah, you have to buy food/drink in order to become eligible to purchase the merchandise at the ufotable Cafe. Your friend could certainly eat at the cafe and then buy something for you. Other cafes have different rules, but that is the rule for ufotable.
04 месяца назадChuckyChucky
Sarukah (4 месяца назад) #19542533MUH BOI!
O HAI! I finally decided to make an account, lulz. xD
011 месяцев назадwarumonorukiwarumonoruki
It's a screenshot from the very first Zestiria anime announcement trailer x3
[ext link ]
(I just love this Mibo so much that's why I kept him ever since XD)

Sarukah (11 месяцев назад) #14518446Hi! I was super curious as to where exactly your avatar is from! Is it from a scan or is it a screenshot of a scene I can't remember? Thanks ^^

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