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I started actively collecting anime figures mid 2015 but I actually got my first figure in 2014 with the release of Naruto revolution. I've always loved anime and manga throughout the course of my life but it's only recently developed to the point where I actively watch/read and support the medium. My collection is still small but I dont ever plan on stopping anytime soon, My goal is to own 70 figures by the end of 2019.
Thanks for stopping by my profile and I hope my generic bio interested you! Feel free to hit me up or send me a request! Im open to anyone who wants to chat about this expensive yet greatly fascinating and exciting hobby! Till next time~

Still eagerly awaiting the day a PVC scale Alibaba Saluja figure is announced and released.
Preferably in his djinn equip like so:View spoilerHide spoiler

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04 часа назадHestiaOtakuHestiaOtaku
RedCloud (4 часа назад) #26152905Hi thanks for the fr! :)
Hi! Np, you have a great collection! I'm really looking forward to Mai figure released next month (>_<)
016 дней назадdeepfried25deepfried25
RedCloud (16 дней назад) #25489769So how would you personally rate the Kudelia figure? I'm still thinking of getting her if/whenever I can find a good deal on it honestly i would rate it a 9 of 10, the details are amazing and the pose is dynamic. I really fell in love with her. Sorry if replied twice
017 дней назадdeepfried25deepfried25
RedCloud (18 дней назад) #25388223Thanks for the fr! :) np
023 дня назадminorimiyukiminorimiyuki
RedCloud (24 дня назад) #25162202Haha of course dude, busty blondes are the best! As you can see from my profile pic haha ;)
Really looking forward to the Mai figure coming out in October.
And damn that's a shame, since I'll be moving into the college life starting next year my figure spending is probably gonna be cut down heaps as well :(

I will also have a figures this coming November and it is not going to be cheap either. Well, at least its for my waifu and for the industry.

College life sucks tbh, but do not ever forget your obligation to the industry. We can trim down the expenses to our hobbies because of some minor obligations like school, etc. But we must not forget our duties to support the industry :3. I'm sure you do not want our beloved Waifu's to be forgotten and not reach the future generations.
024 дня назадminorimiyukiminorimiyuki
RedCloud (25 дней назад) #25095635Haha the student life certainly isn't easy that's for sure. What game are you playing?
Also yeah I've been pretty good bro. I just got back from a trip to Sydney with a friend of mine, also went to a convention there too!
I got these 2 whilst I was up there: item #396908 and item #166693
The Galko figure is so freaking big!

Nah, just playing this random MOBA game, nothing special to it tbh. LOL.

Wow! I would love to go to an out of country convention someday, I hope. Those two loots of yours are awesome imo. You sure do love busty blondes like Mai and Galko-chan eh.

My wallet is busted nowadays so, no figure to be announced for me as of yet.

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