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Thanks for looking at my account. :)
I'm not that good at making this whole profile thing but it is something.
To try it out i bought 2 Miku prize figures and from that moment the collection grew a lot. From one little plate in the shelf to three shelfs in the room (and i still have a shortage on space). I think i am the person that have multiple tastes. Figma's, scale's, prices, Nendoroids, Amiibo, they all can make me happy.
So i'm just collecting and enjoying and let the Figure companies surprise me.
Dare to dream big. How bigger the dream, how harder to reach it, the more satisfaction it gives when your dream come true.
If you want to know something just ask. Because i don't bite that hard.

Greetz, Rajke

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16 дней назадIdol_SenpaiIdol_Senpai
Rajke (6 дней назад) #20297801I checked the pictures in the link and checked some things. Even with the pictures it is still hard to say if it is legit. But i think it is legit. Why:
-The holographic sticker on the back looks original.
-Eyes are correct.
-The hair left by her eye goes to the right. (with the bootleg it goes straight)
-Scar is correct. (It looks different because of the angle of the photo taken. It is an optical illusion)
-Text on the box front and back are correct (from what i could read.)
-Paintjob on the belt looks good.
Some reasons why i have some concers.
-The background behind the inner tray looks off.
-I don't recognize the distribution sticker on the front of the box.
-I can see some black line on her right leg. It could be painttransfer or an indication that it is indeed a bootleg.
Hope it is helpfull.

The sticker is from the store I bought it from as they are a reseller. And the black line and back ground are from lighting and the semi shiny hard wrapping they put it in. Was quite helpful indeed, thank you. I did take it out of the box and the paper work inside also seemed to check out from what I could find as well.
113 дней назадKyokiPonKyokiPon
Rajke (13 дней назад) #19965951You really impressed me with your blog (mfc link) . (really like your Kirby collection) It doesn't feel right to read it without giving a compliment for the nice writing style and pictures.
Oh! Thank you so much~ I don't tend to write much because English is not my first
language but when I do I do my best xD specially if it's about something I love!
125 дней назадHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
Rajke (25 дней назад) #19560632Youre welcome ^^ Youre drawing turns out really nice so it deserves those 5 stars.

Aww thanks i put my love on my drawings. i try my best. *_*
126 дней назадHarukaHaruno1991HarukaHaruno1991
thanks much for the 5 stars of my draw...*-*
11 месяц назадValestein3Valestein3
Haha I like Mako but I find the members of Ankou team endearing. From Miho's shy determination, Saori's boy obsession and motherly nature, to Yukari's energy, Hana's elegance, grace, and determination, and Mako's lazy but capable nature.

I'd like a second season but I want a new cast of characters. There's also the movie that introduced a new school I think

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