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Thanks for looking at my account. :)
I'm not that good at making this whole profile thing but it is something.
To try it out i bought 2 Miku prize figures and from that moment the collection grew a lot. From one little plate in the shelf to three shelfs in the room (and i still have a shortage on space). I think i am the person that have multiple tastes. Figma's, scale's, prices, Nendoroids, Amiibo, they all can make me happy.
So i'm just collecting and enjoying and let the Figure companies surprise me.
Dare to dream big. How bigger the dream, how harder to reach it, the more satisfaction it gives when your dream come true.
If you want to know something just ask. Because i don't bite that hard.

Greetz, Rajke

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13 дня назадSnidgetGirlSnidgetGirl
Rajke (3 дня назад) #22613894I saw your blog post and i have the link for you to the guide about the community including blogs
(mfc link)
Greetz, Rajke

Thank you for posting the link for me ^__^
117 дней назадTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
Thankyou!! ; u ;
125 дней назадandre30496andre30496
Thanks! I'm just getting until Maki! Nico, Rin, and Maki are my favorites!

Rajke (25 дней назад) #21731556They are somewhat small and expencive but besides that yes. Getting all nine of them can be seen as financial suicide. I don't know which one of µ's is your favorite. But i like the way they are made (except for Nico, i don't like her face for some reason). Flaws are hard to find, nice outfits, cute poses. (And there is coming a Aquors birthday line in the same scale.)
Edit: i see that you already own Nico and Rin. Didn't notice that.
126 дней назадandre30496andre30496
Would you say the birthday line is worth getting?

Rajke (27 дней назад) #21690288I just saw your post. It is hard to say witch are the best among the LL figures. The birthday line is pretty nice, very detailed, a little bit expencive and somewhat small. The Alter nice is nice. High quality and also pretty in the boxes. When it comes to prize figures the Snow Halation set from SEGA and the school uniform set from Furyu are looking great.
11 месяц назадgwendal738-2gwendal738-2
Rajke (1 месяц назад) #21544101I got into it because of the enthausiasm of some other anime/manga fans. I watched the anime and i think it is pretty good. My favorite Muse girl is Maki. She is shy but realistic. By aqours it is Yoshiko. I have a weakness for characters that are cute and have creepy stuff at the same time. For example: Cooking with the whole aqours gang and making good looking food and then there is Yoshiko with her dish 'Tears of a fallen angel'. This kind of actions she has in the whole series and that's what i like about her.
Watching the anime is worth the effort. The only part i didn't like was the part in the movie when Muse started to talk in english.

Omg Yoshiko is my third fsvorite in Aqours precisely for that reason! She is so awesome especially when She 'turns' into Yohane. XP also I have not heard them speak in English, but I /have/ heard Mari's "it's joke" gag, which I think is funny. Also the reason why she's my second favorite in Aqours.

Though if I have to rank Muse and Aqours together it would be Maki > You > Mari/Nico > Eli > others. >u< also, Maki is a tsundere and I honestly have a weakness for tsunderes. It's either them or in anime with men, the manly men. XP

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