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01 месяц назад (9 дней назад)skmmskmm

I have Azusa MSIB, if you're still interested in getting her PM me back ^^

She's still available
01 месяц назадmomiiji_kunmomiiji_kun
Hi your inbox was full was wondering if you sold your Jeanne/ruler nendoroid?
01 месяц назадlawantedlawanted
Hi! I didn't see her in your shop, but if you still have Isla, I'd like to buy her.
02 месяца назадergunberkayergunberkay
is your nendoroid taiho still for sale?
02 месяца назадHydrangeaHydrangea
Hello, are you still selling Heshikiri Nendoroid from Touken Ranbu? If you are please send me a message.

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