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Hi! 。^‿^。

Nice to see you!
Actually there's not much I want to say about myself. If you have a look at my collection, I guess it's obvious that I'm totally obsessed with Trafalgar Law from One Piece. ٩(♡ε♡ )۶

He's my favourite Anime character since he has appeared for the first time. And I can drive people crazy with my "fangirlism". (Not sorry at all!)

Besides I'm a cosplayer & I love drawing artworks... of course especially drawing Law. ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
But I'm also addicted to Free!, Assassin's Creed, Zelda and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. (。’▽’。)♡ Unfortunately there's not that much merchandise of this series.

Well, at least this means I can spend more money on Law merch and make my Law collection grow more and more. o(≧∇≦o)

If you like to you can checkout my Deviantart profile to see my art works and cosplays:

I'm also on Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook!

If you want to get in touch, just feel free to message me here or on any of these websites! ヾ(。・ω・。)

And since I can't add my favourite Law item to my collection on MFC, I gonna show it this way... ♡✧。 (⋈◍>◡<◍)。✧♡


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