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Limited (1 год назад) #5022350Yeah our replies are pretty long, so full spoilers it is!
View spoilerHide spoilerMy view on non-comic/anime conventions is probably a bit skewed right now because the only one I've had a chance to walk around in was about... marketing, complete with sales people staffing the floor. Not exactly the best representation. xD I wonder if there's a convention for hydrologists. We get ones for librarians and geologists, so it can't be too far out there.
Yeah we've got a solid public transit system where I live, and I'm a fairly swift walker, so it's not much trouble moving around here. But many of the jobs in animation are out at the range where it's really inefficient, of course, along with most of the smaller convention centers. I do hear that the test is what most people fear, plus mentions that US road law is pretty darn strict. The driver's handbook is deceptively small for all the details in it that have to be remembered, heh. I'm not quite at the point of worry about the test yet though. For me it's more all the costs that come with a car, and that the only car available for me to practice with and use for the test is a manual drive. My mother's been driving it for over a decade and even she still stalls it out going into reverse, and my attempts to practice with it involved lots of grinding the gears. Not quite my ideal candidate for taking the test with. >_>
They do come out with good movies too, mmyep. I still need to see some of those films, especially since I don't see nearly enough for being an artist/animator. And other times it feels like they're just grabbing up copyrights for the sake of it, which gives us bleh movies like Pixels. And oh, you mentioned Disgaea and hardcore, so the first thing that came to my mind was the 999 levels. xD More of a matching style then. And yeah I keep going back to Valkyrie Crusade myself, even though there's nothing really to gain from it. At least they're good for burning time during work breaks and what-not.
Ahh, that's always the tricky part with MMOs. You get friends/guildies who take off grinding until you're too far behind to play with them anymore, and the other friends/guildies who never get around to leveling and so can't play with them either. I think I remember reading that the Mage classes in ToS have to jump after attacking, since jumping resets their slow attack animation delay, unless they changed it recently. (Possibly making the same mistake they did in RO, since animation delay is relatively easy to hack.) The jumping mechanic in general doesn't sound well-implemented, buuut they could change that so who knows.
I was starting to think that the Remilia kit would be a good Halloween candidate too, but looks like your friend beat you to it. I guess if you both finished that kit for Halloween, it would've been like showing up somewhere wearing the same shirt. xD Maybe awkward, but not necessarily bad either- But like you said, there are some other considerations too.
Well you weren't too far off, since I did consider the kit version. =P Witches do have a tendancy to be stylish, and Aludra's confidant expression helped win me over on the figure. Incidently Melty and her have similar hair: long, pale, and wavy. Though Melty's definately going for a cuter look. Her aftermarket price doesn't seem too bad either, for being an Alter figure, and she has that GK option. The prices are definately a limiting factor though, that's true. At the same time, it's probably better that we're being pushed to think more about our choices. Now if only that worked for prize and trading figures. xD
40F is getting nice and chilly, mmyep. The temperature range here is actually about the same, ranging in the low 40s in the morning and around 60F during the afternoon. 74F and wearing a jacket though? We're definately opposites when it comes to body temperature, heh. It works out since this an old house with a single wall heater, which tends to leave the house at around 65F, which is just high enough that I can get away without wearing a jacket. Sounds like your region is absorbing quite a bit of El Nino though. We've had a couple showers, but no real storms yet. Supposedly they come early next year.
Anyhow, I was trying to finish this reply before Thanksgiving, but that obviously didn't work out, so it got delayed longer instead. <_< I hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving too! Mine was pretty nice but for some reason I ended up with way more stuffing than usual. I've been eating stuffing for the past two weeks which is completely fine with me because it's one of my favorite parts of the meal lol.

View spoilerHide spoilerThere's a convention or at the very least a meetup for just about everything nowadays so I'm sure there's one for people in my profession lol. There are lots of environmental conferences that have a collection of people across all fields and positions as well. I've never been to one of those but maybe someday when I'm defending my Master's thesis I will. Ugh I don't want to think about that anytime soon though x_X

Yeahhhhhhhh a car like that might not be the one that you want to take the test with. I'm not sure how difficult it is to pass the written portion in CA but where I'm at it was something like 20-30 easy multiple choice questions. This is also probably because I overstudied it and am pretty good at memorizing random facts for tests. Either way there's really no reason to worry about it if you don't need your license at all. I can tell you that it is a relief since it makes you feel more independent. I can now spend 20 minutes and get somewhere vs. 2 hours planning waiting for buses to come by. The only downside is that my hands are full so I can't do other activities like read when I used to do that on the bus all the time.

I don't ever want to see Pixels, the trailer looked so terrible so I can only imagine how bad the movie was x_x I'm usually pretty behind on movies anyway, it costs so much to go and I don't enjoy dealing with large crowds on opening nights. Are you planning to watch the new Stars Wars movie at all? Oh gosh it's been so long since I played Valkyrie Crusade, have they increased the rarity of their cards again? I stopped when it was SS or SA or something. I would like a figure or two made from that game though, they have a lot of really cute art and personally I like the art better than that Bahamut game.

I was actually told to jump in that game! I tried it and was so bad at it, my character would jump, stop and cast, and then I had to try it again. There must be a very small window to jump and cast at the same time since I could only do it a few times successfully. I think when it comes out for real I'm going to go back to good ol' melee, I enjoy making cute girls who can swing giant greatswords and axes hehe. When it comes out for real we should play together ^^

I feel like a lot of the aftermarket prices on figures are reasonable lately. I don't know if it's because everything is so damn expensive these days or what but almost everything I'm interested in either a) bins really quickly because they made too many or the QC is kinda off or b) it skyrockets immediately to $250-300. I don't remember this being such a problem before. Being super picky helps too though; I don't think I'd ever be able to purchase 50-80 figures per year like some users on here.

Ahhh you're one of those people who radiates heat, how lucky :p I rely on people like you to keep me warm hahaha. I get cold easily, maybe it's because I'm too acclimated to the warm West Coast deserts lol. Once it hits below 70°F I'm ready for those warm 100°F+ summers again. I do like dressing up for Fall/Winter more though, being bundled up in warm clothing always looks so cute.

I hope to hear from you before Christmas but if not I hope you have a good one!
01 год назадMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Limited (1 год назад) #4723167Corporate cons can be pretty dull to attend, but building them is something different. They come up with all sorts of fancy booth designs and it's often a puzzle getting them built. Stressful too though, because half the time it's the first time it's being built, and it rarely works out exactly like the layout plan says. >_> There's also scavenging after shows, since the corporate types are more likely to throw things on the ground as trash rather then pay the return shipping. But mmyep, I don't have a car so getting to cons is rather troublesome. Reality is catching up about the lack of a car though.
View spoilerHide spoilerAny article/video/whatever that has a number as one of the first two letters... I avoid like the plague. xD "Top 5", "10 Most Ridiculous", "15 Things you never knew about", etc. They're usually pretty silly, but then maybe that's their appeal. Someday I should try one of those memes where a character is drawn in different anime/cartoon styles, and see what abominations result-
Well Monster Strike is getting a web anime, so probably shorter then a full anime. Maybe something like 5-15 minutes per episode. I wouldn't have expected a mobile game like that to get a movie either, but then I look at Hollywood and how they've been trying to make movies about anything that was halfway popular, including lots of games that seem unlikely candidates. It's just one of the things to do these days. And heh, does Retimo have you grinding 999 levels too?
I actually forgot about joining the ToS beta by getting too caught up in other things. By the time I remembered, it was 11PM my time on the final day, except they're in a timezone ahead of me, whoops. xD I need the time to catch up on other things anyway. (Like GKs. <_<) It certainly sounds enjoyable though, and even attracting those people going all-in with leveling before the official launch. I dunno if there's any bonus that lets them keep anything from the beta, or if it's just because they can, heh. The leveling must not be that bad either, unless they boosted the exp rate for the beta. A little odd though that the RO people I've known have been quiet about ToS.
So Ponnie played an even bigger role beyond just posting the blog then. =P You broke out the airbrush for this one too, though didn't you use it on the unfinished Remilia kit item #62248 before? I'm drawn to the base of your little bride kit, since you pulled off a stone texture that looks quite convincingly like basalt. You managed to get very tiny splatter dots too, which helps keep the stains in scale with the kit. Though the joint and tilting the head back makes her thin neck look very long, but that's probably more because I tend to prefer somewhat more realistic anatomy. (I say, despite that Kouwan Seiki kit. xD )
I actually got the PVC version of Aludra. I was a bit tempted by the kit, but I didn't have any notable ideas, and with all that thin gold embroidery and the gradiants of irridescent color, I figured I may as well let Alphamax take care of it since their production is solid. There's no way I could've finished the kit in time for Halloween anyway, heh. I wouldn't count on finishing anything before year end either, but I dug up my priestess kit to try making progress again. Gotta get to work before the epoxy hardner expires too; already got a dried out top layer, ouch.
Gah, I'm late in replying as usual. How's the winter weather where you're at anyhow? Since the weather affects casting and painting, especially when it gets cold. Winter kicked in here about two weeks ago, with the sudden shift from hot fall weather to chilly and windy. Fortunately I've got plenty of sculpting and clean-up work I can do while waiting.
I'm just gonna stick everything in a spoiler now xD

View spoilerHide spoilerAttending a convention like that sounds quite fun actually especially if it's something you're interested in. Maybe someday I'll get to that point though...and ugh, I know all about not having a car! I went through my entire undergraduate degree without one since the bus system is pretty good here but the main reason why was because I didn't have my driver's license. That shortly changed after I realized I should probably have it for job applications but I was also just scared to take the Driver's Ed test since 3-point turns really freaked me out. Somehow I passed though and now I am a proud driver. My parents were kind enough to help me out with my car but we also ended up finding a really good deal on it which helped too ^^; Cars still kind of freak me out though, I don't know that much about them besides changing the coolant. I need to take a class on car maintenance or something since a lot of it you can fix yourself and the idea of someone else messing with my car upsets me lol. Do you have a good bus system or way to commute around in your town? A lot of the CA cities are pretty good about that but there are also many, many places where a car is absolutely necessary.

Hahaha I'm guilty of clicking on those but only sometimes! Usually I want to click the ones with ridiculous gifs or titles. I don't go on those types of websites though so I usually only click on the ones my friends share on FB.

Yeah Hollywood really is coming out with some weird stuff lately but at the same time there are quite a few good movies coming out as well. I saw The Martian for my birthday and really enjoyed it although I don't know if I would watch it a second time. Mad Max was awesome as well, I need to rewatch that movie. And nooooo for Retimo you only need to grind to level 30 and then collect 5 more of the same hero to awaken them to level 40 :p That game is brutal though I never feel like I accomplish anything in it but I keep coming back to it every day.

Eh to be honest you really haven't missed much, since I last messaged you I think I've been on ToS once or twice more. It hit that point where my friends were getting obsessed with it so they leveled way past me and it just wasn't as fun anymore. The character wipe was also pretty unappealing but at least I got to try out a mage class and I figured out I suck at it. They need to work out a lot of things before I play it again but there will be an open beta in Korea sometime in the future so I hope they get on it then.

Hahhhh yes I did start painting item #62248 with my airbrush but that was like last year and I wasn't as confident back then. I'm glad I held off on her though since a friend of mine painted her for Halloween too so that would have been kind of awkward lol. Plus I'm stuck on whether or not I want to re-do the paint I already applied and give her a sort of darker color scheme. Awe thank you, I was definitely going for a stone like basalt or at the very least some sort of worn cement. I had a lot of fun painting that base since I've never painted anything textured before. I love long girlish anatomy but I can definitely see what you mean by her neck since it is quite long.

Hahaha see how bad I am, I automatically think you've bought a kit xD The PVC of her is quite beautiful though, I love the gold/purple color scheme and her serious expression. Witch figures are so pretty, that just reminds me that I would like item #113211 someday too. I'd love to up my PVC collection but I just can't justify spending $100+ on something already finished. Unfortunately for me most of the stuff I'm interested in also becomes really expensive in the aftermarket so I end up giving up on it.

It got SUPER cold here recently, cold meaning 40°F in the mornings and ~60°F during the day. My house is at 74°F now and I'm still in a jacket and tights which says something about how well I am handling the season change lol. Luckily it's supposed to get a little warmer over the weekend so I look forward to that. All I know is that the El Nino is hitting pretty hard where I'm at, I kind of like it but at the same time I live in the desert for a reason so having weather like the East Coast is kind of weird. Did you guys get any huge storms recently? I know OR and WA had a huge storm roll in and one of my friends is still without power up there.

I think that's all for now, talk to you soon ^^
01 год назадMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Limited (1 год назад) #4070229I wish we had comic/anime conventions here, but this city is too expensive for them. >_> Most of the conventions here are coorporate ones, while the comic/anime stuff happens in the southern half of the state.
View spoilerHide spoilerFor some reason I've been terrible at making any habit of signing into Facebook on a regular basis, so trying to communicate there could involve lots of waiting for me to remember to go check. I dunno, it's just never seemed like a place for me.
Yeah, that sounds about right regarding jobs in your field, and related ones. I knew somebody who got stuck in the A route with geology, forever working on a research project/thesis with hopes that it would get him some traction in the field. And getting into government positions, that definately sounds like a challenge. ...Even though I don't know anything about the actual process. It just seems like the sort of thing where you need somebody to personally vouch for you or view you as their successor. And yeah, there is a bit of a conundrum facing artists, since there are always people saying to make the art that you like, but to get a job you have to make what prospective employers will like. I draw in an anime-style myself, but sometimes I feel like I'd be more marketable if I drew in a Disney/Pixar style. Things like that.
Whoops, I didn't mean the user, but the character: item #59768 It was just the red hair, slim figure, and black clothes. The similarities probably end there though. xD
The proportions in the Kouwan Seiki kit are pretty big indeed, yet they manage to fit together yeah. It probably helps that she's such a tall character to begin with, heh. Though she'll probably be a lot of work to assemble. I'm thinking of changing her direction of her gaze to make her a little more moe like the Max Factory one, rather then the more condescending glare. item #344929 doesn't look bad in terms of proportion/paint, though the water turned out meh, and she's got some of that antigravity deal going on- Also I didn't even know about this game before the Inazuma prototype, and just noticed it's apparently so popular that it's getting it's own web anime. I wonder how that's going. >_>
When you made the comment, I didn't see any news about the next ToS beta, but now I see that they've updated the site with the info. They sure live on short notice, what with that 3 day sign up period, heh. Though it's a fairly long test at almost a month in duration, so could give it a try without having to feel rushed like with a one week test. Also apparently some group has been trying to phish ToS fans with a fake website and e-mails. I don't even know how that came about (is it popular enough for that?) but... something to be careful of.
Did you buy the Little Bride kit after seeing Ponnie's blog about it? That kit is certainly in season right now, and simple enough to get done in time for it. I recently picked up item #232252 myself, who fits in the season too. Though... I haven't gotten anything done with my garage kits lately, since I'm always playing catch-up with drawings. I hope you've been doing better at working on kits then I have. xD
Yeah corporate cons aren't as fun for sure but at least they usually involve catered food? LOL. There are quite a few conventions going on in CA throughout the year though, do you not drive down and go to them every now and then? Even in my town we have smaller local cons but they can be kind of hit or miss. I live in a pretty nerdy town though ^^;

View spoilerHide spoilerYup that Geology friend of yours sounds a lot like some friends of mine too, that's just how it is today it seems :( I've definitely seen that push toward the Disney/Pixar style recently, maybe it's because Buzzfeed and those types of sites seem to push articles every day like "15 photos of Disney princesses in Disney style you'll NEVER BELIEVE ARE DRAWN BY PEOPLE OTHER THAN DISNEY ARTISTS!" Yet for some reason I still end up clicking on them...

WHAT is Monster Strike seriously getting an anime? That's kind of unbelievable, I don't know how games like that and P&D end up getting so many collabs and deals like that. For now I've been playing the app Retimo Adventure which has a story kind of like Disgaea. It's really fun but there's a huge learning curve since there's a lot of evolutions and attributes you can give your characters. It's like a a hardcore casual app (does that even exist??? who knows).

Bwahaha I totally ended up joining that ToS beta and have been playing it like 3-4 nights per week. I'm around level 40-ish for now and decided to try out a Wizard/Mage class since I usually play as a Swordsman. It's pretty fun so far even though the game is super buggy still. My username is Munty or Mairi on there if you're somehow able to search and find me. The friend system is pretty much broken though, some random guy tried to add me to talk and I still can't accept his FR lolol. Some of my friends are already level 70+ on that game though, it's crazy. The graphics are too cute though! And actually after this message I'm heading right back on there >_> If you're on there what's your username?

I can't believe it but apparently in the month that I last talked to you I managed to finish that Little Bride. I talked with Ponnie about it for a while and she gave me the push over the edge since she was just too beautiful to pass up. I ended up finishing her on Halloween too which was awesome, she's standing in my case right now! You can see the finished photos here: (mfc link) I initially was planning to do something darker but like most of my kits she ended up taking on a life of her own and ended up being mostly romantic but a little bit bloody and creepy hehe. After this one though I think I'm super ready for Haohmaru, I need something manly to make up for all the chibi/girly kits I've been painting recently. item #232252 is very lovely and has a lot of opportunities for different color schemes, do you have anything in mind? Hopefully you can get something done by the end of the year :o

I think that's it for now, sorry again for the late message!
02 года назадMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Limited (2 года назад) #3596711Well... my turn to apologize for a late response. Besides the usual distractions, I got run over by a convention set-up job that had me working so much that I only had time to get home and get ready for bed to wake up six hours later to go back at it, heh. Our reply chain is also getting long enough that I've taken to writing in a text editor, but that makes it easier to forget to work on it, whoops.
View spoilerHide spoilerI do have Facebook, but I don't check there particularly often since I get tired of the snarky family members and political posts, and only make vague references to being involved with figures. Were you thinking of using Facebook's chat system? I can't guarantee that I'll be any faster to reply, but we could give it a shot.
The economy is really tilting towards one where networking has a ton of weight, with the so called "gig economy". Time to start sticking feet in doors whenever possible. That is, if I can find the doors in the first place. I'm in the arts myself, with a focus on animation. There have been lots of people getting into the field, so it's probably suffering some saturation. Is hydrology sort of the opposite where there aren't many competitors, but also few openings? That would be my first guess, but I know nothing of it-
I keep thinking of R. Dorothy when I see that Cinnabar kit, except I'm sure that's a terrible comparison. xD He looks like he could use a little more altitude over the base to give that floating appearance, but that's an easy adjustment to make. And Yuzuruha is one that people have been waiting for for sure, though I didn't catch onto the VanillaWare train myself. But you'll be missing Kongiku from the set- Except she's the most hit-or-miss of the Muramasa characters, heh.
My opinion on figures flip-flops so much that not much makes it onto my wishlist. >_> Persian Kittens did get into the list, but then I noticed some things about the kit that are off. Her head, like you mentioned, is really wide, closer to chibi proportions. There's no interaction between the seat and her toosh, which results in her floating over it. She looks a little stiff too; would've been nice to have one leg in a more relaxed position. Yet... the sculpt just seems to catch that cute+sexy+playful combo that's so fitting of a cat. I dunno, forever flip-flopping on that kit. xD There's a kit I've been more quietly considering though, which is item #323289 She looks like the type of figure to demand a lot of presence, and just seems much more impressive then MF's rendition: item #236240 Other then that, not much new caught my interest, besides a Sonico of course. item #333308 caught my interest too, though I'm a bit worried that she might look too busy once colored.
It turns out I missed the news that Tree of Savior actually had a beta a month ago, not sure if you caught that. They've got a new site up at [ext link ] where the game news is centralized now. (Infinite scrolling in the forums, bleh.) Though my interest in MMOs has been fading since they compete too much with my art time, and the art is ultimately more rewarding then constantly wrestling with MMO problems. Having played Bastion probably doesn't help either, heh.
That fairy kit looks tricky with the gradiants in the wings and leaves. Though since you'll probably be choosing your own colors, it'll be interesting to see where it goes. The horizontal branch like that reminds me of the ones in bird cages, but it's probably for the better not to stick fairies in cages, heh. And yeah, Haohmaru is definately a stark contrast to kits like the fairy or Cinnabar. All that stocky muscle versus the walking stick characters. xD But now that you mention it, he does seem like a good candidate for a diorama. I can see him sitting under a tree or in a garden of some sort.
With any luck things are going well for you, including not having too much trouble with the moderating.
Whoa a convention? What kind? Comic and/or anime immediately come to mind. And yeah no problem, work has gotten super busy for me too so I haven't had much time to be on here.

View spoilerHide spoilerYes it's much easier for me to reply on Facebook since I go on there more often but if it won't be any easier for you that's fine too. I rarely if ever post figure related stuff on there, all I post related to hobbies is my finished kits and occasionally game screenshots ^^; I use it mostly as a chat service with friends who live in different states.

You're spot on about hydrology and environmental science-related jobs in general. Your choices out of school are basically a) more schooling, b) private sector, c) government, and d) nonprofit. It's a unique field because land, water, and air are all closely tied together so you really need to be knowledgeable about all three. In addition to that a majority of the positions are in the government and it's practically impossible to get a job that isn't temporary unless you're disabled or a veteran. AND most places want a Master's degree so you're forced into option A and then come out looking for more. I was lucky enough to get into option B, I'm just hoping I can work my way up the totem pole in a couple of years. It's rough out there for sure for everyone ^^; I'm not that familiar with an art career although I know a couple of friends who are either semi-successful or have managed to make a career out of it. They tend to post a lot of stuff on Instagram and Tumblr in addition to their portfolio. It just seems like it would be so difficult to have it as a job and to have your boss come in and say "that's not right" when art is all about expressing yourself. ^^;

Hahaha why R_Dorothy, is it because of her profile pic? I guess that they do look kind of similar when it comes to the hair. Ugh that's true I didn't even think of Kongiku -_- I wasn't a fan of her sculpt at all, breasts as big as someone's head aren't appealing to me at all and I'm not a huge fan of the color orange LOL. She is super close to the original artwork though so I'll give Alter that much. Kongiku has a big booty though and that's OK with me hahaha

Yup I flip-flop a lot too which is why I try not to add anything to my wishlist or other Lists unless I'm super serious about it. I really like item #323289, her proportions are large but it's scaled appropriately so she doesn't seem too freakish. MF's Seiki is also cute but now I'm not sure which is a more realistic representation of the character. Haaah I just took a look at that Izanami, turns out I commented on it right after you xD I know the character in-game looks pretty cluttered and Mixi is a relatively new company so I'm not sure if it'll come out too great. item #344929 doesn't look that good to me at all but it could be because the original art is in kind of a strange pose too.

Afaik Tree of Savior is going to have another beta soon! Old beta members as well as something like 5,000 new people are going to be invited so if you want to get into it now's your chance :D I haven't had time to play any MMOs either although I have been playing the new Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer game. It's very relaxing ^^

Not much else happening on the kit front besides item #195609 which I bought on impulse. I'm hoping to have her finished before Halloween. And yeah moderating lately has been something but it's nothing I'm not used to :p Take care!
02 года назадMuntoeMuntoe Lover of cacti ♡꒰*・ω・人・...
Limited (2 года назад) #3220376<snip>So I've totally had this comment in my notifications tab for a month now trying to get some time to respond...lately all I've been doing is moderating stuff on here -_- I don't know if I've asked you this, I might have forgotten, but do you have a Facebook or anything?? It's way easier for me to chat on there and I'll definitely get back to you sooner than I do on here lol

Ugh networking is THE WORST but it's so necessary in this economy it's crazy. The only reason I have a job now is because I forced myself to put my name out there. Keep your head up though, finding a job is a combination of knowing people and pure luck so I'm sure you'll be able to find something soon :) What field are you in/interested in?

As for WF there were a couple of things I was interested in. I really like item #328070 and item #327856 even though I probably won't end up buying either. I was also happy to see item #330951 get a PVC. I own Momohime so I'm sure Yuzuruha will look great next to her ^^ So this WF wasn't very exciting for me but that's probably for the best since then I can focus on collecting stuff I've been wanting for a while haha. Did you end up liking anything other than what's on your wishlist? I saw you put item #329769 up; I like her but her head and neck bother me pretty badly for some reason, I think it's the angle or how large her head is? Both are probably fixable but I can't bring myself to add it to any lists xD

Wow I have no idea how you managed to play on the official server, the drop rates on that one made me want to kill myself LOL. I didn't know about the current situation on Tree of Savior though so that's really helpful ^^ As long as there's collectible hats I think I'm good, that was one of my favorite parts of the game.

I completely agree that modding is half the fun of building kits ^^ Lately though I want to do less modding and more of a simple palette change like I did for my Mage kit. I also recently bought item #214440 from a fellow member on here and she is gorgeous, the cast is beautiful and there are so many parts it's amazing *_* I think unless I get really lucky that kit will be my big lucky purchase for 2015. Haohmaru is in that black hole where I really love the sculpt and how manly he is but he doesn't fit my current aesthetic (delicate fairy lolitas and accessories) so I'm not quite sure what to do with a perfect world I'd end up pairing him and Nakoruru together but their sculpts are so different it might look a little off. Haohmaru is the perfect kit for a mini-diorama though so I know I'll get around to building him someday.

I think that's it for now! I'm still a little sleepy since I recently came back from PAX Prime up in Seattle :D That was pretty fun and awesome too if you're into playing video games. Take care and hopefully talk to you soon ^^

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