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01 год назадmiyako-mikumiyako-miku
Hello there, is the noiz plush still available? And is it possible to buy it from malaysia? ;;v;;/
Also could you list what other plush are still available for sale?
01 год назадTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
LeahJaeger (1 год назад) #5262501Hi! Your inbox is full so I'm writing here, how much would shipping for the sailor Haru and Makoto be to the UK? Thank you :)
Hi there! Thank you for your interest :)
I've weight the package and shipping to the UK would be 14,11€ with fast shipping, insurance and tracking (there isn't any other shipping option available for international parcel). Please tell me if you're still interested or not ;-)
02 года назадOosOos
Out of curiosity, how much would you want for your Mink plush?
02 года назадTokiyaTokiya
how much you want for koujaku and mizuki?
i have 47 euro in total >_____<
koujaku is my favorite >_<
02 года назадKinkslinksKinkslinks The Ultimate Noiz Lover
LeahJaeger (2 года назад) #2462593Ah! I'd happily take Aoba and Sei! :)

Awesome! Thank you :)

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