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✗✗✗About me✗✗✗
Hello guys! I'm Lapsy and I collect figurines from two years. For such a long period of time, it isn't a large collection, but I'm going to gradually enlarge the size.
I love to take photos, especially of animals and in the future I'm going to increase my skills.
My biggest dream is to have a Lacia from GSC and Dollfie Saber Alter.
My favorite anime are: Katanagatari, Bakemonogatari (whole universe), Toradora, Fate universum, Your Lie in April and FMA. And my favorite manga are: Pandora Hearts, Akame ga Kill, Spice and Wolf, Toradora, Noragami and Deadman Wonderland.
Of course I play in Love Live game (thanks to Rei) and my ID is 373310253. Idols Waifu is Maki, but also I really like Nozomi and Umi.
My ultimate husbendo is 707, srlsy I need to protect this pure, cute sinamonroll.

Also every time when I find something interesting:
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