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016 дней назадmurdochmurdoch
View spoilerHide spoilerHeyooo, please excuse my creeping on your page. (″・ิ_・ิ)っ
MFC's messaging system if glitchy or something?? there's been issues with people not receiving PMs I sent them/ me not receiving their PMs etc. This is kinda awkward to ask buuuut have you received any messages from me recently? I'm trying to confirm if the website is being fucky or not, lmao. I'm very sorry for the bother!
02 месяца назадlightningmaidlightningmaid 不思議な
Here you can find reviews and ask questions on FromJapan (mfc link). c:
04 месяца назадKalasRavenKalasRaven
Thanks for the FR!!!! :D
04 месяца назадKirito-donoKirito-dono
murialita (4 месяца назад) #17705774No problem. I've seen you around a bit, so I actually recognized your request!
Really? :) Great! :D I really like your youtube channel, keep up the good work! :)
04 месяца назадmurialitamurialita
Kirito-dono (4 месяца назад) #17705761Thank you very much for accepting my FR! :)
No problem. I've seen you around a bit, so I actually recognized your request!

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