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Hello〜! I’m Keira、 an anime/manga and VOCALOID enthusiast! I have a small collection right now、 but I’m planning to grow it to where I have a whole bookshelf of figures! I’ve been collecting since March 26th、 when I got my first petite of Nishikino Maki (item #331639)! I’m trying my best to get a good、 big collection for myself! It’s like real like Pokemon、 just not as hard (depending on your budget) (⌒_⌒;)

I'm also not very good at keeping to one series of trading figures ^^;

Collection rules: Anything and everything is OK!
〜Current Collection〜

〜First Figures〜
Prize:item #198588
Scale:item #331642
Nendoroid:item #396566
Petite: item #331735
In all:item #331735

My favorite figures that I own are my Lily item #111591、 Megurine Luka item #198591、 Hatsune Miku nendoroid item #396566 and Minami Kotori item #316795 figures!

My favorite games are the Hatsune Miku:Project Diva games by Sega for PlayStation3/4。 I also like the three Atelier games that I own。

My favorite anime/manga is Cowboy Bebop #1 favorite、 Himouto! Umaruーchan、 Love Live! and Black★Rock Shooter (≧∇≦)b

I’m in love with VOCALOID。 My favorite VOCALOIDs are SeeU、 IA、 Gumi、 Lily、 Otomachi Una and SF-A2 codename Miki。 Luka、 Rin and MEIKO are my favorite Cryptonloids。

My current obsessions are VOCALOID、 B★RS and Cowboy Bebop in particular。 I’m also (obviously) obsessing over figures most of the time in the day。 I also obsess over animes that I’ve recently finished or am watching、 but sometimes grow over it while still enjoying the anime。

Voice acting
Video games
✹Miku Miku!!(and other VOCALOIDs ♡♡
Figure collecting (obviously (*´ω`*))

ハズバンド ❤ Spike Spiegel

❤Kotori is my best girl❤

〜MidoriyaYoung Spike〜

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07 дней назадWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (11 дней назад) #22112392Yeah, I feel like it would also be very cute to see them all interact! I actually just finished watching Samurai Champloo, and some of my favorite songs are Heart Chrome sing by Anon&Kanon and KANKAN☆DANCIN sung by Rin&Len haha. What about you? I always try my best to expand my vocaloid playlist hahaha.
Nice, Samurai Champloo is a good one. Did you have a favorite character? I loved Jin. <3 Heart Chrome has such a cute video! Anon and Kanon are adorable. And ooh Kankan Dancin, I love the Nekomura/Yukari version especially because Nekomura. XP Hmm I'm more partial to rock and metal but as far as pop goes, I really like Into Starlight by IA and ONE (also a cute video lol) and I never get tired of Ooedo Ranvu by Giga-P/Gumi & Kyo!
013 дней назадWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (18 дней назад) #21773246Actually,only one blind box. The rest are prize haha. I'm honestly surprised Nozomi isn't my best rather than Kotori, since I don't even have a lot of Kotori stuff lol. I say "it's joke!" to my friends all the time now due to her haha. I feel the same as well, and more Aquors would mean more friendship! ^^
Aw, I hope you get many more birds in the future! Yeah, as it is now I feel like the interactions have been too limited to just year groups. I would love to see an episode where they split off into subunit groups like the Muse camping episode! Have you seen any good anime or listened to any good Vocaloid music lately?
013 дней назадpurinbunpurinbun
Hello, thank you for the friend request! Your collection is very pretty. ///v///
019 дней назадWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (24 дня назад) #21612136True, they still got that little amount of love they always deserve <3 And yess, I loved Nagisa and her design. And honestly, Madoka will probably never survive through any timeline. I actually have a bit more (not a lot) Nozomi stuff than I expected, haha. I'm not saying I dislike her but I end up with her when I don't plan on it, which is alright with me though hahaha. I love Mari, she's so funny and cute!! I find it so adorable when she speaks English, haha.
Yeah, I don't know why Homura still tries lol. Nozomi blessed you with her spiritual power! Were they from blind boxes or something? I actually found Kotori kind of boring after watching the anime, but she grew on me when she was the only UR that would come to me in School Idol Festival lol. And she is really cute and silly, plus I love Spicaterrible. Haha Mari is such a troll with "it's joke!" I thought it was hilarious when she led the second years to believe they would be performing at the Akiba Dome only to say that. I still love Muse more but I can't wait to see more of Aqours in Sunshine S2! I feel like they barely got to interact as a group in the first season.
024 дня назадWario54Wario54
KeiraKoneko38 (1 месяц назад) #21401641True, hopefully they will be DLC. I'm also upset that Miku was in the game so much more than usual, a little more Meiko and Kaito would be especially cool, as they barely get any attention and now they get less. I also didn't like the elegant one at first, but I grew onto it just a tiny bit. I don't listen to Oster Project a lot honestly, besides Miracle Painting, but for big Oster Project fans who have been around a long time, it probably brought them back to a long time ago <3 Madoka was my favorite at first, but then Kyoko came in and I loved her on the spot haha. One day we both will have lots of Madoka merch though <3 And the third movie messed me up so bad lol, but I loved it nonetheless. The nendoroid is very cute, but I'm upset she only comes with one happy faceplate. I actually bought the school version on accident, since I meant to buy the Magical Girl version hahaha, but oh well. I can still buy them both and have lots of Madoka face plates!
I see you also have some Love Live merch, who's your best girl? Mine are Kotori and Wooby (Ruby) haha.

Yeah the song list was really limited, but on the bright side I thought the songs they did pick for X were really solid. There weren't as many duds as there were in previous Project Diva games and it didn't rely on the old classics either. My favorite part of the elegant medley was Sweet Devil, it was nice that they were all singing it as opposed to just Miku. Nagisa was really cute (finally a friend for Mami) and devil Homura was pretty cool but I still thought the anime ending was fine on its own. Homura should just let poor Madoka go through with her sacrifice lol. Yess Love Live is probably one of my favorite series ever, as simple as it is. And Nozomi is one of my favorite characters from anything, if I had to pick an ultimate waifu it would be her. As for Aqours, my favorite is Mari and Ruby is second. Wooby needs more love. <3

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