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I'm crazy about RPGs and collecting beautiful and sexy japanese figures, i might not know the anime, manga or whatever they came from but if i like them i get them. I have a tendency to block the whole world outside and live only in my own, that's when I'm truly happy!

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02 месяца назадredxmaverickredxmaverick
Kassyamo (2 месяца назад) #19095859yup they're irresistible but I'm trying to thin down my collection a bit I'm running put of space xD so i thought i sell some of the old ones to make room for all the new ladies coming out soon.
Me too. I've sold 20+ figures these past 3 months. I haven't preordered a single figure this year either. But geeezzzz everytime I see a figure that I'm watching go up for preorder, I want to preorder so badly. lol. I've seen many of the figures I've bought in the last 2 years go down in the aftermarket so I'm going to play the waiting game.
02 месяца назадKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
Selling most of my collection, if you are interested in any figure pm with offer. I only ship within the USA also my figures are in excellent condition most of them are basically brand new and boxes are well cared for as well.
02 месяца назадredxmaverickredxmaverick
Hi friend~

Lots of new juicy ladies coming out this year. :D
02 месяца назадShadow-LinkShadow-Link
Kassyamo (2 месяца назад) #18791313Happy birthday!! :) :)
Thank you very much!! ^^
02 месяца назадKassyamoKassyamo Princess Cookie
Shadow-Link (2 месяца назад) #18763330I'm a bit late, but Happy Birthday!!! :P thanks a lot ^^

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