KalasRavenKalasRaven I love you Chester Bennington.

О себе

Hey I'm KalasRaven!! I'm an animator. :3 I also teach animation and illustration to kids and teens. I NEVER thought I would be a teacher and I LOVE it!!! :D Drawing has always been a passion of mine. ^_^

Here is my demo reel of some of my work!!

My favorite anime is Gunslinger Girl, always and forever. <3

I'm a pretty obsessive person. Once I find something I love I stick to it and don't let go. :P

I would have a bigger anime figure collection if my interests didn't go all over the place. Other collections of mine include:
- Orlando Bloom (Good god what DON'T I have of this man? Posters, books, movies, shirts, action figures, a life size cardboard cutout! :D)
- Darth Maul (25 figures and counting, as well as other things and a life sized cardboard cutout)
- Star Wars things like lightsabers, action figures, and replicas
- Daryl Dixon (Figures, blankets, t-shirts, a life size cardboard cutout, and I've met Norman Reedus twice) <3
- Captain America (Figures, tons of shirts, a hard shield backpack, among other things)
- Dinosaurs (Replica skulls, claws, scaled Velociraptor skeleton, statues, tons of Jurassic Park figures, as well as tons of plushies)

I love yaoi/shonen-ai and have been reading/watching it since I was 12. My first yaoi manga was FAKE. <333

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Happy Birthday! May the force be with you!
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday, fellow wayfarer. ♡
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Happy Birthday!!! :)
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Happy birthday!!

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