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"Let's not sweat the small stuff like logic or plot development!"

Hey there! You're looking at the profile page of Maurice. In case you're wondering why this probably-way-too-old-for-figure-collecting dude considers himself to be "Just MoE": My nickname refers to The Simpsons' Moe Szyslak. Ain't nothing moe about that bartender, including his cauliflower ears.

First figure I've bought was item #70572. This adorable spirit then got me into collecting back in May 2016: item #314193. I blame Yoshinon-kun for the severe suffering my wallet has to sustain ever since.

Best Girl
View spoilerHide spoiler#1 encyclopedia #1607
#2 encyclopedia #42167
#3 encyclopedia #1723
#4 encyclopedia #51853
#5 encyclopedia #38592

Best Ship
View spoilerHide spoiler#1 encyclopedia #55883
#2 encyclopedia #52447
#3 encyclopedia #55360
#4 encyclopedia #57092
#5 encyclopedia #55363

... oh, and as you might have noticed I'm slightly obsessed with Hyperdimension Neptunia. I'm also dead serious about Pururut as co-best girl alongside Nep-Nep.

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12 месяца назадjessicrottejessicrotte
Thank you ^.^JustMoE (2 месяца назад) #17835340Thanks for accepting! Really enjoying your channel, keep up the great work :)
02 месяца назадmurialitamurialita
Happy Birthday!
02 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)jessicrottejessicrotte
Thanks for the FR!
16 месяцев назадmurialitamurialita
JustMoE (6 месяцев назад) #15081457Hey there! Same as YankeeAllStars: Sent you a FR since I'm eally enjoying your videos. They helped me with a couple of tough decisions, including buying item #249840 most recently :) Thanks a lot, please keep up the great work!
P.S.: It's also nice to find other collectors around my age, makes me feel a tad less weird ;)

Glad my videos have helped you out in some of your decisions. That's why I make them. I hate when I'm trying to decide on a figure and there's no pictures or videos. Makes it hard. It's nice to find someone older in this hobby dominated by younger people.
17 месяцев назадSasamiSasami
JustMoE (7 месяцев назад) #14922726Happy B-Day! Have a great day :)

Thank you!!! ^__^ has been a wonderful day!! ^_^

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