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01 месяц назадThe-HurricaneThe-Hurricane
Jenthehen (1 месяц назад) #18751711Yikes about NY - I'd heard that many years in the past they had issues with bootlegs, but I thought they were ok now! I've only used them for in stock last minute oh crap I missed preorders ... although their shipping does seem suspiciously expensive compared to other sites (and I've heard of them asking for more $$ after preorders arrive ...)

Yep, unfortunately the issues still persist even to today. Their shipping is ridiculously expensive too, they inflate the shipping prices. They also do ask for more money after pre-orders arrive, I heard of one customer being asked for like $70 more in shipping. They even have it written in the Terms of Service that they're allowed to ask you for more shipping.

I was really, really disappointed with how bad their customer service is, and also disappointed that I didn't see people speaking out before I bought with them. Knowing what I do now, I would have opted for another place to buy. :(
02 месяца назадRyanHljRyanHlj
Jenthehen (2 месяца назад) #18288706Not sure if this is appropriate, but it would be fantastic if your website had a "wish list" function (to save items to buy later)! :)Hello, and thank you for the feedback! We'll certainly keep that in mind as we continue improving our website features.
14 месяца назадTaigaSuzumiyaTaigaSuzumiya
04 месяца назадWoodmanWoodman
Happy Birthday!
04 месяца назадSkorpiusSkorpius
Happy belated birthday, Jen!

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