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01 год назадMLPfimAndTMNTfanMLPfimAndTMNTfan
yeah JadenX (1 год назад) #13668170Of nothing ;)
And don't worry, I'm the one that have disappeared in the last period XD
Lucky you *___* I haven't buy nothing of new T_T But I like too much her item #463543 >___< So, I've to wait 2017 and see if I'll have money enough XD
11 год назадMLPfimAndTMNTfanMLPfimAndTMNTfan
Thank u. Also sorry for answering 5 days late
JadenX (1 год назад) #13408124Happy Birthday!! :D
11 год назадMLPfimAndTMNTfanMLPfimAndTMNTfan
my collection is kinda getting bigger now. JadenX (1 год назад) #6850184I hope that we'll be able to increase our collections soon ^_^ :D
For now, I need only a job for more money, and then I'll be able to buy something else :3
..Also if there are too many Dragon Ball figures, so I can't decide XD
01 год назадMLPfimAndTMNTfanMLPfimAndTMNTfan
No problem JadenX (1 год назад) #7577326Oh, thank you very much :D I don't know English very well :P
01 год назадJadenXJadenX
MLPfimAndTMNTfan (1 год назад) #7565078It means I know right
Oh, thank you very much :D I don't know English very well :P

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