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Hi guys, nice of you to read my profile. I've always been fascinated with Japanese culture, especially Japanese language and anime. It was in fact the anime K-ON! which brought me into the awesome world of figures. I had just finished watching the anime back then, when my friend started poisoning me with his stuff. I was stunned by how detailed and pretty the Akiyama Mio figure looked displayed on his bookshelf, got interested, found some websites and hola, delved into this world where there's no going back.

I started my first few years following up on figures. No money back then (sad) cause I was a student, so I had to be content with looking at them through the web, or drooling over my friend's figures. Luckily, recently, I've received a scholarship thanks to my excellent results, and that's where the fun begins! With a monthly allowance of around 20k yen, I'm happy to say that I can finally join the ranks of figure collectors and start building up my own collection. Yoroshiku ne~ =)

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03 года назадCrysisJDCrysisJD
I hope you have a beautiful day and get at least half of what you want !

Happy Birthday ! =)
03 года назадsarnagonsarnagon
Happy Birthday InoueRen
03 года назадfuwacchifuwacchi
Hello there. Feel free to join this club. club #1170
04 года назадlucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
InoueRen (4 года назад) #1683246Hi lucy, just wondering whether you're still picking up the Madoka Maiko ver. for me coz I haven't gotten any reply. Thanks. =)

04 года назадlucy4lucy4 Free! Lover
InoueRen (4 года назад) #1671619Hi lucy, I happened to see the news on this item item #155014 and judging from my lousy Japanese, it's supposed to be available only during Kyoto International Manga and Anime Festival on 7th and 8th September and after that in Aniplex outlets starting from 8th September, and in limited numbers too! Just wondering whether you're willing to pick up one for me since you do proxy services. Thanks. I'll pay in advance of course. Appreciate it if you can help. Onegai~!


Limit is one per person. I'll be getting her myself. If you want me to pick her up you will have to cover for the second day entrance fee(1000Yen) plus handling charge of 1500 Yen.

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