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01 год назадMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
GarrusaurusWrex (1 год назад) #7579294Hi! I think your inbox might be full. Just wanted to say the package came safe and sound. Thank you so much! ^^I'm sorry, sub-ran out and my inbox was frozen until I renewed it - but thank you so much for letting you know you got your package safely c:>
Have a lovely rest of the week!
01 год назадSuperfluousSuperfluous
Hey there! Hope you had a good time at NYCC. (´▽`)ノ Your Korra cosplay sounds awesome!
02 года назадSuperfluousSuperfluous
GarrusaurusWrex (2 года назад) #3360800Hey sorry I haven't replied in awhile :<. All this catching up with NYCC cosplay stuff and busier at work x[.
It's fine! Have fun at Comic Con. :D It sounds like they're going to have some awesome stuff this year. Who are you going to be cosplaying? Hope your workload gets lighter. :<
02 года назадSuperfluousSuperfluous
Hopefully they’ll have more new episodes soon but they haven’t revealed a schedule yet. View spoilerHide spoilerI hope we see her again! But since they still seem to have a shaky relationship I don't see them fusing again too soon unless it‘s necessary. :< He did come off as creepy in Onion Trade (those faces!) but now he just seems like a kid with an unusual way of communicating who wants Steven to hang out with him, so maybe fandom’s opinion of him will change. Kinda funny Steven’s more afraid of him that Peridot though. xD It sounds like they're going to bring Onion and Vidalia back sometime and have them hang out at the Temple judging from how the episode ended so I'm looking forward to it! And maybe Sour Cream will come along too.

I agree! Most of my favorite episodes other than Jail Break are actually the ones focused on the characters. XD I like how SU has some plot points kind of subtly unfold in the background while the episode focuses on something else, like the art in the temples. I love them to bits, I about died laughing at Ruby's rant in the diner. I AM AN ETERNAL FLAME BABY And the ending was so cute.

Same here, I don’t own a PS4 or Xbox One yet. I haven't played Mass Effect on PC though so I guess I'll have to pick one up eventually when it comes out. I'm glad P5 is coming out on the PS3 too so if I don't buy one this year I can still play the game, lol.

Ooh, which ones are you looking at? :3
02 года назадSuperfluousSuperfluous
GarrusaurusWrex (2 года назад) #3198953Could I ask, what is a Steven Bomb? I feel so out of the loop and couldn't figure out what is is exactly xD;. Oooh I think someone spoiled me on the new gem View spoilerHide spoileris it Yellow Diamond?. Yeah, I think Kevin made many people uncomfortable. Haha I see quite a few fan art shipping the two, which is interesting. Wonder what they'll do with his character later on if they bring him back (they probably will).
It's when they play a whole week of new episodes on Cartoon Network. c: I don't know why they started using that name though. Ah no, it ended up being View spoilerHide spoilerSardonyx, Pearl and Garnet's fusion. But I hope we see her soon since she was in the extended opening from Comic Con! I'll leave this under a spoiler cut until you've caught up but speaking of Jamie View spoilerHide spoilerI know some people didn't like Historical Friction as much for being not as plot relevant but I thought it was a really cute episode and Jamie was hilarious as the Crystal Gems. I'm glad we got to see him again since he's seemingly moved on from Garnet and focused on his acting, and he's like a big brother figure for Steven. Same for Onion Friend, Vidalia's an awesome mom and her friendship with Amethyst was very sweet. It was interesting seeing another side to Onion as well. Basically those episodes were there to show how Amethyst and Pearl were coping so I think they definitely were relevant as far as the week-long arc went. But the highlight for me was seeing Ruby and Sapphire again in Keystone Motel!

Are you excited for Mass Effect 4? :D

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