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I'm BHS, a writer of various strange and unusual things. Almost all of my income goes toward my addiction hobby. You can see some of the results here, if you're so inclined.

I'm running a dialogue-free toy review series on YouTube called Silent InvenTOYry, which covers Japanese action figures, robots, and model kits in a (hopefully) funny and (also hopefully) unique fashion. Please check it out, and do the usual YouTube thing: like, comment, and subscribe!

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017 дней назадzeindarchzeindarch
Thanks!!!FringeBenefits (17 дней назад) #25681601Happy birthday! Have a great one!
07 месяцев назадCybogirlCybogirl
Thanks for accepting my friend request you have an amazing collection!!
02 года назадzeindarchzeindarch
Thanks!!!FringeBenefits (2 года назад) #3449891Happy birthday!
02 года назадFringeBenefitsFringeBenefits Magical Girl Addict
Reycoenma (2 года назад) #2877474You have a very lovely collection. ^_^

Thank you very much! It's my pride and joy. XD
13 года назадrealjudge212realjudge212
FringeBenefits (3 года назад) #2372021Teana arrived this morning! Thanks once more for helping me fill out my collection! XD

No problem! Glad it didn't get lost in Roanoke! :P

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