FlamingwolfFlamingwolf I need Madoka figures to survive

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I'm very lazy it took me 9 months to actually update all of this

and I love Madoka and if there's a Madoka thing and I like it one day I'll have it

I really want to watch lots of anime but I can't seem to for some stupid reason I guess? The good part of it is I don't end up falling in love with characters and buying more figures in an endless cycle

I can't stop adding things to my wishlist it drives me crazy
I need more

I actually own a lot of Pokemon stuff that's not listed on here because it would just confuse me
I collect ponies too, lots of them

Also I love cute lolita clothes

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03 месяца назадCoiffwaffCoiffwaff
Happy B-day! Hope you have a wonderful one.
03 месяца назадLuminaMagiLuminaMagi
Happy birthday!! <3 I hope you have a great day!
03 месяца назадDanteMagicaDanteMagica
Happy Birthday!!!
011 месяцев назадSuper-JupiterSuper-Jupiter
A Madoka fan <3 Just sent you a fr~
01 год назадFlamingwolfFlamingwolf
FSLAR (1 год назад) #9528028Happy birthday!

Thank you!

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