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19 дней назадLancerBathoryLancerBathory
Finally got my Mashu nendoroid after being caught up in customs. After some time working out where her NP circle is hiding, I soon realised that she pretty much sucks at holding the shield. Is there anything special to it or do I just carefully leave her alone and hope for the best?

Feels like the slightest touch will cause it to pop out of her hand, but I might be doing something wrong here.
117 дней назадYoakeYoake
Fate_of_a_Saber (17 дней назад) #24183285Nice you got EX luck on your JP.ver for sure! I hope the best for you and me both as I'm also trying for Scathach I'm putting $100 to try and roll Her.

I wish you luck too.
117 дней назадJeanneJeanne
Heck yeah I saw stuff I want from Wonfes! Like..Everything Fate, pretty much, lolol. Especially Cu! So happy to finally see a figure of him.
117 дней назадbabygerberbabygerber
Fate_of_a_Saber (17 дней назад) #24183160Lol Yea I know what you mean but we have to try support this I'm getting item #604483 and what do you think about the Lancer Artoria by GSC how much do you think she will cost?

I may also get at least one of the guys, I'm going for Gil, Cu or Arthur.
Not a real fan of her art but I do love how she seems like badass but at the same thing she doesn't care about anything, she's Arthuria <3, but don't really like how her chest is way too big for my taste.
About item #549417 I would not have complain about the figure if at least they would have put her boobs together, in the prototype they are like separate and it looks like they are more bigger D:. For the scale I'm glad she's 1/8 so at least she may be cheap like item #78585.
I do hope someone makes one scale of her with the complete armor, that's the best part of her, she looks badass.
017 дней назадYoakeYoake
Fate_of_a_Saber (17 дней назад) #24183033Thanks I also just got Nero & Zhuge Liang! and yes Lancer Artoria is great I just wish she was a 1/7 like the rest of my FGO collection ya know, and I also love'd all the Fate Nendoroid's I'm still hoping for a Saber Sakura Nendo someday GSC and a New 1/7 Saber Nero like in the picture below.
View spoilerHide spoilerhttp://v3img.ifensi.com/xw_imgs/2016/07/20/633033082cb6b.jpeg

I'm sure they'll get to those. I would have preferred 1/7 for Lancer too, but I'm guessing they knew at 1/8 she'd be pretty heavy already to ship. I'm glad they the kept the 1/8 for the Toda Jeanne though.

That's awesome you got Nero and Waver. I got Waver back. Now I'm saving for Scathach or Jack, and then Merlin and Arthur. I managed to get a weird streak of EX rank luck on my JP account, and got Archtoria and Crab Cake (Marie).

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