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!!I am selling my whole collection!!
I do holds, and bundle things. But please do not ask me to hold anything unless you are 100% certain you will pay for it.
Items that are favorited/hearted are on hold.
I am also selling pre-orders. Some of my collection is brand-new make sure to check out my shop, feel free to ask me about anything!

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012 часов назадvitzekevitzeke
Hi! I'm interested in your INORI from GSC.
03 дня назадvelocitycurvevelocitycurve
I'm a repeat customer which tells you everything you need to know! See comments below for my first review. Another very positive experience, thank you so much.
013 дней назадnaikouseinaikousei TAKe YOuR heaRT
Wonderful seller! Got a great deal on some of my most wanted figures. Shipping/packaging was perfect. Thank you!

01 месяц назадMsCarlyChiaMsCarlyChia
Thank you! I just received my items today! Will definitely gonna recommend you to others!
01 месяц назадvelocitycurvevelocitycurve
Thank you, experience was positive in every way! Everything arrived quickly, in condition as described, great communication throughout. Really appreciated your patience with my questions - two gigantic thumbs up!

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