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I only buy and sell authentic figures, figmas, nendoroids, etc. NO BOOTLEGS PLEASE

I love anime, Manga, and games of all types, from RPGs to horror. I also read, write, draw, create digital art, dabble in photography, and craft various things. Besides figures and manga I collect BJDs, fluffle cards, oddities, and things that are rather cute. Really into nendoroids right now, I can't help but love them! The amiibos and Kingdom Hearts merchandise belong to my loving husband.

If you wish to see what figures I have for sale, please click here http://myfigurecollection.net/list/55228

Feel free to PM ME!!!

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01 год назадSmeySmey
Divine (1 год назад) #14673313Happy birthday smey!!!!!! may your birthday wishes come true!!

Uwaah~ ;___;
Thank you very much!
01 год назадRayRay
Divine (1 год назад) #10903530Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!
Wishing you all the blessing on this day!!!

Thank yoooouuuuu sooo much ♡♡♡
01 год назадkagaminelenkagaminelen
Divine (1 год назад) #5476935Thanks for offering! lol I just learned how to accept a FR ^_^

Lol i was the same first time.
01 год назадkagaminelenkagaminelen
thanks for accepting ;)
01 год назадFigmaLoverFigmaLover
Divine (1 год назад) #5428826Your collection is impressive! Hope you have happy holidays!

Thanks ^^!

I've been trimming it down now as I have ran out of space.

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