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012 дней назадfrostwonderlandfrostwonderland
Please clear your inbox. I need to send you the invoice for my split.
015 дней назадMikadocolorsMikadocolors
Inbox full. Please delete some messages and send me some news about the split. It's been 24 days without any updates... so I'm worried.
026 дней назадusagikitsusagikits
Hello i saw your post regarding selling your on Touken Ranbu - Online - Mikazuki Munechika - Nendoroid #511 (Good Smile Company)

Im very much interested in purchasing him from you. Is he still available for purchase?

Thank you.
01 месяц назадRikkuliamRikkuliam
Your inbox is full, interested in your Haikyu nendos if they are still available!
02 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)LovelyIdiotLovelyIdiot
Heya! I've got you down for Kanan, You and Hanamaru in this split here: (mfc link) because you expressed interest in the suggestions thread.

Let me know if you're still keen for them! Edit: Shipping for up to three straps from Australia to the US is 350yen.

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