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Hello! I'm a young figure,Figma and Nendo collector that likes to take photos
and draw ^^ Enjoy my photos!

You can follow me on:
Instagram: bea20art
Deviantart: bea2028
PAIGEEWORLD (where I post more): Bea20

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01 месяц назадMaakieMaakie
Bea2028 (2 месяца назад) #20470660I did! I got drawing material and Miku's Funko Pop. I still have to get a gift. I know it is a figure,but the only clue I have is "it has a wheel". My guess is that it is this Price Figure: item #504814 If I am right,it would be awesome!

Oooh that all sounds as nice gifts! :D Enjoy them! ^^
02 месяца назадMaakieMaakie
Bea2028 (2 месяца назад) #20319108Thank you!! (*゚▽゚*)

You're welcome! :D Did you get any nice gifts for your birthday? :)
02 месяца назадMaakieMaakie
02 месяца назадBea2028Bea2028
TraumaticSherry (2 месяца назад) #20024198Happy bdaaayONEPIECE22 (2 месяца назад) #20027436Happy Birthday!!!\(°◇°)/

Omg guys thank you so much! I wasn't expecting anyone to do this (*⁰▿⁰*) It was a big (and great) surprise!!
♥︎♥︎ Thanks~ <3
12 месяца назадONEPIECE22ONEPIECE22
Happy Birthday!!!\(°◇°)/

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