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I will get back to this eventually lol

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01 день назадhyperassasin95hyperassasin95
Azaizer (3 дня назад) #22418933Thanks! It's still growing though! Really anxious to get more to display them together in my collection in the guest room >.< !!! Really want to get my Shielder and Jeanne d'Arc 1/7 scales to display with my Saber item #414719 already!!!
Nice, i am kinda new to prepainted Figs so i mostly have figmas. I'm anxious to get Astolfo and Jalter :) I want 2018 to come already i really desire Jalter XD. For how long have you been collecting?
13 дня назадhyperassasin95hyperassasin95
nice fate collection
15 дней назадcatfairycatfairy
Azaizer (5 дней назад) #22309063Have a great time on your special day!

Thank you so much for the wishes!
125 дней назадtheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
Azaizer (26 дней назад) #21556684Happy Belated Bday Yasmin!! I hope you spent it well!

Thank you (●´□`)♡ *om nom nom*
02 месяца назадAzaizerAzaizer
DBZRuss25 (2 месяца назад) #20214124Bro 4 give me man Happy Birthday best wishes to you and many more sorry I'm a week late. I haven't been much on here a lot going on in my family but I'm back. Just want to say happy birthday thx Damn man thanks for the wishes no matter how much later! I appreciate the thought! Hope all goes well with whatever is challenging you in life right now! Keep going strong there bro!

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