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01 год назадElectromasterElectromaster
Thanks! Tho, nemam bušilicu. </3
Trebam nać nekog tko ima lol.
01 год назадElectromasterElectromaster
'Sup. Imaš li kakvih tips and tricks za popravit slomljeni figma neck joint? :'D
Alternativno, imaš li možda neck joint viška? :'DDD

Pukao mi je vrat na Hatsune Miku figmi, poslala sam mail GSC da pitam imaju li replacement, no ne nadam se previše...
03 года назадMissJennyMissJenny
Thank you for the favourite.
03 года назадElectromasterElectromaster
Azaghal (3 года назад) #1589445Sretan rođendan!! :)

Ah, hvala, hvala. :D
04 года назадManon1986Manon1986

how do you make the stereogram pictures? Wich angle do you use for the different pictures?
Some work well for me, but some don't. Depends on the size of the picture and the angle between them.
For example; (mfc link) this one is easy for me but the nymph stereogram is not.

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