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Hihi~! I am Ashley, also known by my online (as well as offline) alias, Ashli-chan. I used to be a hardcore collector until I started having space issues. I accumulated A LOT of things over the years and had to downsize. I'm much more selective with what I purchase now to keep my items at a minimum.

I love anime, video games, cosplaying, shopping, learning about Japanese culture, attending anime conventions, and spending lots of time online. xD

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012 дней назадnoctisitynoctisity
Thanks for the friend request! (For some reason I thought we were friends already, but I think I just end up making that mistake a lot with people I work with often from the GO club LOL.)
01 год назад (1 год назад)ChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
A new friend!
A new friend with a profile pic that I think is a cross between Rouge the Bat and Panty!
Yay crossovers! Yay friendship! Yay everything! :D
01 год назадplasticdumplingsplasticdumplings
w00t! Wonder friend power . . . ACTIVATE ^_^
02 года назадPandaLolixPandaLolix
Ashli-chan (2 года назад) #2636449Have a very Happy Birthday!! ^o^

Thank you!!! <3
02 года назадFullmangaFullmanga
Happy Birthday!

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