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Collecting since early 2008, maybe earlier. I forget. I also collect issues of Megami Magazine and Dengeki Moeoh. I've moved into a new place and I still don't have enough room...

I'm back. If you've sent me a PM in the past two months or so and have not gotten a reply please resend it.

Selling a large part of my collection. See shop page for details.

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02 месяца назадnaikouseinaikousei no Tabi
Nice collection!

Another Michigander weeb ❤️
05 месяцев назадlolicraftlolicraft
Hi! I hope I'm not pestering you but I'd love to discuss your Sallya figure with you if she is still available :)
05 месяцев назадbakaCirnobakaCirno
Hi there, I dropped you a PM regarding your Aya Nendoroid for sell, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks~
010 месяцев назадForeverzeroForeverzero
Happy Birthday and Best Wishes.
01 год назадKorsairKorsair
Hi! Not sure if your inbox is full or not but I sent you a PM about one of your items for sale.

Please get back to me as soon as you can, thanks!

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