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03 месяца назад (3 месяца назад)LeviathanXLeviathanX
Anus (3 месяца назад) #21722735I looked it up and every site i went to said it was illegal..
But i can't read German and so i can't check properly
I'm jealous of all your dakis :^)

it's "tolerated" as long as it's not pictures of real living entities.. You can just tag along, nothing to fear. Even the Bondage Fairy manga is legal here (also got an official release).
If it really were illegal I wouldn't be in my home right now ;) As said, everything is opened what I import and everything is displayed to it's fullest flavor (my daki covers for instance, you see upper and lower body parts clearly visible). At most, I got notifications on the package "return to sender if age check is negative". I even got a call regarding that, due to having a loli game in the package, told me to send an email with a copy of my ID or they will just return it in the next few days.

According to your profile your are from Australia which is a country with a lot of controversal laws about "flat chested women" and "drawn pr0n" ...
35 месяцев назадfrzntearfrzntear
You are a birthday star. Happy wishes and good day to you.
22 года назадlluviakatelluviakate
Hiya! Great start to an awesome collection!!!
And interesting name....
12 года назадAnAbleAngelAnAbleAngel
Hey there!

Good to see another Australian collector :D
72 года назадOnegaiOnegai
Love the name ;-)


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