kotobukiya type_moon ryougi_shiki aniplex kodansha ufotable nasu_kinoko takeuchi_takashi tatsuya_hattori gekijouban_kara_no_kyoukai:_mirai_fukuinkotobukiya type_moon ryougi_shiki aniplex kodansha ufotable nasu_kinoko takeuchi_takashi tatsuya_hattori gekijouban_kara_no_kyoukai:_mirai_fukuin
Remake of Shiki's photoshoot from last year. ((mfc link)).

Stay tuned for the upcoming photos. (Trying to keep up with the uploading and stuff). ><

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Original setup was actually an Autumn setting, and the Spring is another variation of the set. Same arrangement of lighting, diorama pieces (forgot to take a pic of the wall for spring though ><), except for the backdrop and the addition of a main light for spring set.

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Same setup based from the Autumn set

Larger image of Spring set:
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Same set, but different figure. Apologies for the messy table. ><

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02 дня назадDonkeyBlonkeyDonkeyBlonkey

Where did you find those trees btw?
08 дней назадLujeiLujei
Soooo awesome!!
The setting is so fitting her and the angle just beautifull x3
014 дней назадMikuuuMikuMikuuuMiku
perfect setting and wonderful!
021 день назадLilBrokenDollyLilBrokenDolly
OMG, another amazing pic from you!!! So impressive!
11 месяц назадastarte952astarte952
11 месяц назадedhutschekedhutschek
Stunning! As it was expected from you works.
11 месяц назадptitange23ptitange23
So beautiful !!!!! <3
01 месяц назадCriscokidCriscokid
01 месяц назадKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
Wow this is amazing!
01 месяц назадdymitrdymitr
A true spring taferal.

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