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DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's ...DRAMAtical Murder - Seragaki Aoba - Character's Selection - 1/7 (Native)

Данное изображение не предназначено для просмотра лицами моложе 18 лет.

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Made to order.

Height with cross is 26,5cm(265mm)
Pre-orders will come with a postcard illustrated by Honyarara.

Orders via Native can be placed between the 22nd April 2016 at 15:00JST to the 20th June 2016 at 19:00JST



© Native / Nitro+Chiral / Grizzry Panda / Honyarara

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3251 год назадKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
I've decided to unlock this thread but if I see any more ridiculous arguments, people will be banned. If another troll appears, alert the comment (or PM a member of staff) and don't reply to it.

Seriously, just don't.
3061 год назадyuuichisanyuuichisan
I saw Aoba

and then I saw Native

Time for my first Native figure

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32 часа назадCarolSPCarolSP
This blindfold really is an amazing idea and looks great in thoses pictures! If I still think the position of his eyes is weird after mine arrive I will just blindfold him as well! I can live happily with that! xD
74 часа назадriringoriringo
Wow the blindfold is great! Totally re-balances the face and canon to one of the alt routes too.
44 часа назадmurdochmurdoch
theyasminshow (9 часов назад) #17679139D-licious

06 часов назадTrashCatTrashCat
XShipper (7 часов назад) #17681683Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?
I'm getting mine via Transi-Logistic and it's in transit since 19 Jan.
06 часов назадVuoriKettuVuoriKettu
XShipper (7 часов назад) #17681683Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?

I'm waiting for a notice as well, but NY doesn't ship on weekends(I checked few days ago to try to predict when my package would arrive), so it would be Monday as earliest to get a shipping notice c:
06 часов назадYuinnaYuinna
XShipper (7 часов назад) #17681683Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?
I'm still waiting on a shipping notice as well, though I did just pay for him the night of the 18th, so I'm probably at the back of NY's shipping queue. Haha.
36 часов назадTrashCatTrashCat
theyasminshow (9 часов назад) #17679139New user pics are looking D-licious~ *spins*
I agree. *_* And I think if I really don't like his face, I'll just add a blindfold. :D
07 часов назадXShipperXShipper
Has anyone got a shipping notice from NY?
08 часов назадimjdeeimjdee
Hidan (9 часов назад) #17678759Can somebody tell me please how heavy is this? I hope it is not over 2kg.

Unfortunately, it's 2,2kg.
89 часов назадtheyasminshowtheyasminshow Cashmere Cannonball
New user pics are looking D-licious~ *spins*

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