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Firstpress comes with a fake credit card, mobile strap and IC sticker.
A B2 poster was provided depending on the stores and a clearfile for send in questionnaires.


01 Episode.0 by KanimisoP
02 蟲と桜、嘘とコンクリート/ Mushi to Sakura, Uso to Concrete by otetsu
03 Romance x Balance by yuukiss
04 約束/ Yakusoku by NoriP feat Gackupo and Rin
05 流転吟遊/ Ruten Ginyuu by PeperonP
06 舌と裏 / Shita to Ura by Machigerita
07 雅唄 -FULL Bloom Edition-/ Miyabi Uta -FULL Bloom Edition- by tourP
08 スーパートルコ行進曲 - オワタ\(^o^)/ / Super Turkey Koushinkyoku - Owata\(^o^)/ by OwataP feat Gackupo, Miku and Rin
09 先週、肝臓が腎臓にフラれたらしい/ Senshuu, kanzou ga jinzou ni furareta rashii by Ie no Ura de Manbou ga ShinderuP
10 蜃気楼のジャンナ/ Shinkirou no Jannah by ΦKushiΦ
11 エゴイスティック/ Egoistic by No.D
12 soul without destination by Maya and yuukiss
13 excuse by 164
14 流浪の民/ Rurou no Tami by Suzuki feat Gackupo, Rin and Len
15 秋月/ Shuugetsu by Nem
16 空に届く砂の山/ Sora ni Todoku Suna no Yama by NataP feat Gackupo and Luka
17 Last song by ROY
18 太陽が沈む刻/ Taiyou ga Shizumu Toki by NatsuP(SCL Project)

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Someone should edit this entry and add that the first release had a bonus, the B2 poster (and keychain) with the cover art on it :)
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