171 день назад (1 день назад)SmarterSmarter
Picture section is a mess now... No grid aligning of pictures, bad thumbnail quality (max jpg compression?) picture info block is inconspicuous now... But related items category's colors are now more noticeable.

Oh, comments... It's like dialog view now...

And Gallery link on Item's page is broken ((mfc link))

Why every new update makes only worse?
171 день назад (1 день назад)purinbunpurinbun
I'm nearly blind in one eye but usually I can get along tech just fine. Usually. Since the start of the slowly creeping change from section to section of mfc, I began to have a bigger eye strain than normal. This was just on phone, mind you. I opened mfc on my laptop once or twice and immediately regretted it. Haven't used the desktop version since, not even on tablet. I'm actually afraid to open it on tablet but at least zooming would be less screen demanding

I'm really disappointed that kuma deleted the v4 blog because these continued changes of one by one feel like we have no say in this.

The things that are jarring to me besides the squished overall look;

Design. Oh boy. I love green, I really do but it's everywhereeee. Too many accents. Wrong text getting thrown in that green that doesn't know if it wants to ease your eyes or stab them. Banners are a nightmare. I don't want it to follow me like mobile Safari as I scroll down. Why is it squished? Blog section? It's all over the place. The top comments aren't destinguishable at all. The titles are cut off. I don't know what I'm reading about until I read the whole post. Can't open just the comments? Ugh. Logo? UGH. What is that? I'm sorry but no.

The old design was robust enough, this change makes it look like early 2010s and the start of Andorid software/smartphones. Even the green is similar. This is no step forward at all.

I wanted to be a supporter this month but until I see the whole change I'll either stay rgb or visit mfc less.
161 день назадsolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
To be honest I don't really think that any Western live action TV show needs an anime adaptation, it just looks weird to even see them drawn in that style... I would however love to see some anime adaptations of Western cartoons. The Powerpuff girls one was great.
1623 часа назадKougademonKougademon
Shipping out from the 28th August 2017:
ORANGE ROUGE - Nendoroid Victor Nikiforov (JAN: 4580416903196)

151 день назад (1 день назад)BeelzemonBeelzemon
Seems like the V4 update is expanding more and the next "victim" is the Picture section.....
Sigh...I think that the point of an update is to make things better not worse and difficult.Navigating trough the pictures seems harder now,I mean where are the categories?(Bootlegs,collections,spaces etc)Also I don't know if it's just me but after the update the pictures look kind of blurry.And regarding the comment section:where is the preview option?
Seriously I love this site and spend a lot of time here-like so many other people do!- so please stop making it hard to use or at least make the new version optional!
131 день назад (1 день назад)solluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
Wow, v4 is getting a lot of negative feedback, huh? I'm not a fan of it myself and there are some changes that I consider to be downgrades but at least it's not just me. I really hope everyone's feedback is taken into consideration for future updates.
916 часов назадChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I hope this shows the chances of getting more Monster Musume figures. If there was enough demand for this to be re-released, that must mean there is also enough demand for other characters. Give me Rachnera, gosh darn it!
91 день назадmilkiatomilkiato
Oathandrage (7 дней назад) #24581609lol probably wont happen sadly
811 часов назадAmorphousAmorphous
81 день назадSukianimeSukianime
Hoping we can choose which layout we want :s im using a old mobile device to view mfc that does not load new updated layout properly. So im slowly losing access with each update ;;
81 день назадLady-MegatronLady-Megatron
Wow pics take forever to load and they are so pressed together :/ (I don't want my personal page to change).
81 день назадmaggiemaggie
If it ain't broke... Those shows are great in their own medium, imho. Miyazaki reflected that the great thing about anime is that it's limitless in depictions, so for me best suited to things that can look janky in live action. Something teen like Hunger Games may work well as an anime, but on breaking bad or Godfather I just feel it would be wasted. Why mess with Coppola, or the acting performances in Breaking Bad with such minute expressions?

Likewise, why mess with Ghost in the Shell? What a friggin disaster.
71 день назадMekunekoMekuneko
You can also flatten the boxes and keep the blisters in a pile. I still don't have a display to set all my figures to, but that's what I plan on doing. Just remember to add tape or something else to mark which plastic goes to which boxes.

This is probably the best if you still sometimes want to use the boxes. Good for moving figures around too.
71 день назадWanderingWastrelWanderingWastrel old coot
At least you still care enough to try to get things fixed.
71 день назадchookypoohchookypooh
To anyone who missed her, she is getting a re-release; so no need to spend 10k yen on her now :D
71 день назадDribzDribz
It definitely looks like water damage, or possibly oil or grease. Check the area where you're storing it and make sure it's not being exposed to any additional moisture.
61 день назад4Arnd4Arnd 4ア一ンド
If it is some sort of oily residue, which may have seeped into the wood of your drawer over time, there may be not much you're able to do, to stop it from spreading further into the edges of the box. Oil is quite tricky and will spread over time, once inside the carton of a box. You can try counteracting it by placing the box onto something oil absorbing, but I'm not sure it will stop it from spreading further in the future.
61 день назадAxelsaurusAxelsaurus
Why all the hate, if you don't like this there're many other Sonico figures out there, and they won't stop doing 'em anytime soon. SHE'S SO BIG, I LOVE HER!
512 часов назадsolluxcaptorsolluxcaptor
I really like that Miki figma, I wish they would bring one out for all of the other girls too. Especially Yayoi.
51 день назадVodkanrollVodkanroll
same here

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