191 день назад (1 день назад)ninaaaninaaa
When GSC gonna announce him? Look.. his sculpted face >.< i need my little yurio ! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9d/6c/9a/9d6c9a50890566b70bb9d7b54921261b.gif
1822 часа назадLehstLehst
WOW !! Those are some sexy cabinets!
What are those blonde girls in the way for?
181 день назадfionnanokofionnanoko
I’ve had that experience before where you buy something on impulse thinking it’s the best thing you’ve ever seen, and then 20 minutes later you’re sitting there questioning all your life choices, crying over your bank balance. I’ve also experienced the opposite where you’ve been hunting after something for ages and it finally appears but suddenly you’re a spend-thrift and decide not to go for it. Buying new merch always gives me a buzz initially, but that can fade pretty quickly… Hunting for that one item you know you really want should be satisfying, even if it’s frustrating at times!

I guess one solution would be to cut down on buying stuff for a while and figure out what items you really, reeeaallllyy love and get excited about receiving in the mail. Taking a step back from the hobby might help you to see the fun in it again.
131 день назад (1 день назад)JenthehenJenthehen Otaku at Law
Let's be real, I'm gonna buy her regardless of any prior issues UC has had.
111 день назад (1 день назад)neLneL on ice
I love Yuri and I really want to be excited about this, but I just can't get myself to not expect a disappointing product from MegaHouse at this point...
1022 часа назадEmilliaEmillia
yanno, sometimes I wonder. Marketing and such is such a huge part of what companies supposedly do these days, and yet they're like, oh, we didn't know this would be so popular. Like, who the hell are they hiring to do their market analysis and such? They probably could have asked any YOI fan and they'd predict something like this. And quite frankly how dumb to run out of stock. That's so many lost sales and potentially annoyed and unhappy fans/customers.
101 день назадNaelythNaelyth
That Link RAH, what a stud! :D
91 день назад (1 день назад)Kanda_Im_mortalKanda_Im_mortal
View spoilerHide spoilerstargenerator (1 день назад) #20505465did these megahouse motherfuckers know we'd hate the victor scale and make a matching yuuri JUST so we'd have to buy the victor to go with him
Do not be rude with the company that gave us so many good figures, please. Have you already forgotten?
About the release of this guy. I do not think about jeer. Usually, the company releases all the characters taken from series. In addition, it's hard to believe they made this decision in a couple of days, just reading negative comments and looking at sales (the sales rating for a couple of days is a ridiculous indicator, they have 2 more months before pre-orders closing). Businessmen are not fan-girls, hysteria is not in their style, otherwise they would not be able to do business.

I rather believe that they planned to release Yuri right after Victor. And after maybe Yurio will be released (I hope so, really like him in a shirt and pants with suspenders).
If this seems to you a provocation, or coercion to buy Victor's figure - just chill out. No one is able to force you to do anything, unless you go on for your desires. If you do not want to feel forced or deceived - just do not buy this figures. It's not a vital thing, not food or water, it's just a piece of plastic that you buy from aesthetic considerations. You can wait for the figures from other companies and then choose. Or wait for the release of these - and buy them after, if you like how they came out. It is not necessary to blame the company for the fact that for some reason there is a cognitive dissonance with buying, this is purely our subjectivism. They just offer us the goods, and we decide whether to buy it or not.
91 день назад (1 день назад)stargeneratorstargenerator
did these megahouse motherfuckers know we'd hate the victor scale and make a matching yuuri JUST so we'd have to buy the victor to go with him
91 день назад (1 день назад)clampotakuclampotaku
obviously if you don't like the Victor scale then by no means settle just because a Yuuri is coming along...don't give in! I prefer to buy amazing figures not something mediocre....you let me down MH
813 часов назадUmaru-chanUmaru-chan
Wait... Meteora Nendo?
Please come with a lot of snacks and general food!


(And We need the other Charas too!)
81 день назадDeepEyesDeepEyes
Great news! I hope they make a nendo of Celestia too! n_n

71 день назадagentmozellagentmozell nerd extraordinaire
devastator (1 день назад) #20538755All this Ann vs Makoto talk I'm just like "Takemi figure when?"

Bless. I'm up for getting them all, but I'd LOVE a Takemi figure so much. ♥
71 день назадTiggerSharkTiggerShark
The hype won't die now, considering the movie announcement (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
71 день назадStrataTemariStrataTemari
stargenerator (1 день назад) #20505465did these megahouse motherfuckers know we'd hate the victor scale and make a matching yuuri JUST so we'd have to buy the victor to go with him

I honestly wouldn't be surprised. Esp at the rate the negative feedback is going,doesn't surprise me if they did this just to get more ppl to buy. B/c they know the fans,and know they'd cave. But I'm also still doubtful I'll buy Victor. B/c honestly,Yuri could have an amazing pose,but still look like a garbage bag :(
71 день назадR_DorothyR_Dorothy
For god's sake... Every freaking time...

(mfc link)

Here, try this and find a female figure with the "parts" that you want :/
61 день назадdevastatordevastator
All this Ann vs Makoto talk I'm just like "Takemi figure when?"
61 день назадOkenoOkeno
That looks great. And expensive!
61 день назадstarlightshinestarlightshine
God, that expression. It's perfect. He's perfect. <3

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