3618 часов назад0crybaby00crybaby0
Reasons to live: -this hair sculpt

3117 часов назадBeelzemonBeelzemon
5 Shiro Scales and still no Sora T_T
3020 часов назадneyney
Both are original
241 день назадriringoriringo
Good lord, CP are like children "oh we can't make any money off China, so we're gonna delay them purposely"... out of what, a grudge? Not to mention when we ship literally anything bigger than a letter envelope out of the same damn province it's like 3x the amount most countries have to pay to send the same thing half way around the world. And tracking isn't even an add on, it's an entire upgrade in service that automatically doubles the price.

I love my mail man, he's responsible and polite, but the upper management should take a look at themselves.
2218 часов назад (18 часов назад)hitagicrab27hitagicrab27 Filthy Casual ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Dystania (18 часов назад) #22504917Oh my goddddd yes.
Get it right m8. It's "Oh my Flügel".
211 день назадMomMom
tachola (1 день назад) #22497971low key want grand order to die since it feels like theyre just milking the series at this point for the cute girls :/ ...the sabers are cool but i want gilgamesh and (male) lancer figures................
Don't know if you can really be mad at one series for milking in cute girls when you have a love live avatar haha
1418 часов назадdebinoresudebinoresu
those look way too high quality to be bootlegs. bootlegs are far more obvious than youd think. theyre designed to trick people who dont know what a quality item actually looks like, so regular collectors can typically tell, especially with nendoroid bootlegs.
111 день назад (1 день назад)maggiemaggie
Uhm... we did really like the suits, and the vests, GSC. But... we like other stuff too you know.

1017 часов назад (17 часов назад)MisiMisi
You can never have enough Yuri nendoroids ♥ Waiting also for a casual outfit and Stammi Vicino versions. (They could just made a regular Nendoroid Co-de, but no, GSC are smart and want our money)
1011 часов назадKalasRavenKalasRaven
Shimakaze69 (13 часов назад) #22515369And the first of the "I can't pick up on sarcasm club" has made their appearance...

Without any indication that the statement was meant to be, sarcasm is really hard to pick up on in writing.
1018 часов назад (18 часов назад)MayoiMayoi
best girl best girl best girl best girl best girl best girl best girl

95 часов назадpinkudonpinkudon
I love how this made the front page lol
91 день назадAnimeGurumaAnimeGuruma
So cute!! The only thing they could've made it better was to include hands with rings though :)
91 день назад (1 день назад)maggiemaggie
This was my character shrine, and series shelves, lots of trading figures. Many risers, acrylic boxes, etc helped to organize and have a nice flow. http://s1.tsuki-board.net/image/maggie1389999119.jpeg
91 день назадKiz-xoKiz-xo
thought this was a legit nendoroid n got so excited hahaha. good job with the customization!!
823 часа назадwhatdoyouwishwhatdoyouwish
I can't believe a second Yuuri nendo was announced with a painted prototype, and we still haven't seen this painted lmao
81 день назадKiruKiruKiruKiru
...shes so cute.

Also: Shooting swords from a watergun. XD

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