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Elyrith (7 месяцев назад) #20145239Though i agree about DS II being inferior to the others, my favorite female characters (Shanalotte, Rosabeth and Lucatiel) are from this one then i cant be fully happy with that lack of DS II figures. :C
Dunno about the F4f vs Gecco debate, the prototype of Oscar by Gecco looks badass af despite his lack of dynamism and Ornstein by F4F seems static next to Arty or Sif. It depends of the characters.

Haven't played Dark souls 2 much so I had to google the characters. Shanalotte, Lucatiel seems interesting Rosabeth doesn't look all that special to me, 'But to each his own' I'd go with those other 2 just by looks and style.

I think F4F Ornstein is kinda static I fully agree on that and i do think its kinda disappointing, But i just can't see anything special about the Gecco character style.