1 мин. назадPupazpupazPupazpupaz
BloodFlower (7 часов назад) #19398910If you actually read what it's said in the old alert, you have to write in the photo's description how you're using the picture.
For example, (mfc link) should first be moved to various as this is not a photo of a figure. Then you add in the description, by pressing the "edit" button above the picture, "used as personal banner" or something like that. If you have used a photo in a comment or two then "used in a comment" or something similar works. Right now your description only says that you photoshopped these yourself. Any picture that aren't used for something like the examples should be deleted.

Just did what you said.
Is it ok now? :)
4 мин. назадChidoruChidoru Selling some figures!
I'd save my precious birb princess: item #236159
6 мин. назад (6 мин. назад)verno1verno1
How did i miss this at wonderfes holy sheet xd
7 мин. назадLehstLehst
xAlicesWonder (16 мин. назад) #19405486i know XD she's my fav disgaea character
but her :P face makes her look so adorable that i just wanna do crossovers with her xP

Yeah I would too. her face is perfect for it.
lol maybe she was dressing for a costume party and the idea was to freak people out with her angel wings X'DDD
9 мин. назадBenny-Benny-
Mitsuna (6 часов назад) #19400060Yeah, it's quite refreshing to see her in trousers for once. Skyward Sword was beautiful too, and Twilight Princess! ^o^
Hmm mostly figures to be honest, but something niche like Key does not get counterfeited very often so you do not have to worry really ;3
Ahh Snow Miku 2017's design was wonderful, although the Nendoroid did not take my fancy in the end, the figma looks pretty good. I wonder too, hopefully it's something that allows for a lot of creativity like this years one with astrology.
Ahh thank you so much ;o; I'll give it a go :D

Part of the reason why I like those two Zelda's best might be 'cause I love those games, haha! My favorite Zelda game though is Ocarina of Time!

That's good at least! Thank you! I bet Vocaloid has more fake items though, since it's so popular.

I felt the same way in the beginning about the nendoroid, and I really hate that they took the stars off, but after seeing user pictures of it, I actually really like it and want it, haha!
Yeah, this years theme was so pretty! And I think my sister might start entering just for fun. (She's pretty busy though, so if she doesn't have time she wouldn't be able to.

I look forward to seeing it!
10 мин. назадPupazpupazPupazpupaz
Used in a comment.
10 мин. назадPupazpupazPupazpupaz
Used as personal banner.
10 мин. назадPupazpupazPupazpupaz
Used in a comment.
12 мин. назадAluminaAlumina
Luna-Nyx (1 день назад) #19366155Hi! I would like to join this club. I have read all the rules agree to follow them. :)meeraku (1 день назад) #19368814I have read the rules and would like to join. Thanks!Hikari_light (4 часа назад) #19402371Hello! I've read the rules and I'd like to join! Thank you ^.^Helenaries (3 часа назад) #19404252Hello, I have read the rules and would like to join. Thank you! :)

invites sent!
13 мин. назадAgletAglet
Mervyn170496 (3 дня назад) #19316535Anybody know how heavy is this?

I guess it's over 2 kg (4,41 lbs).
15 мин. назадkinkin
otaku4life (6 часов назад) #19399988Every day new YOI merch comes out and every time it just seems to get more and more expensive... I love YOI and would like to have everything and anything YOI, but these prices man. Killing my wallet. :(
But I want this blanket so much... OMG.

Agreed, now I know pillowcases/blankets are always more expensive and male characters rarely get this kind of treatment but it just feels like they get released so soon after each other that it becomes costly.
16 мин. назадxAlicesWonderxAlicesWonder
Lehst (21 мин. назад) #19405471oooh cute combination. <3
although a bit odd for Etna LOL

i know XD she's my fav disgaea character
but her :P face makes her look so adorable that i just wanna do crossovers with her xP
20 мин. назадTiamat26Tiamat26
So far it seems that only Ami Ami has her up for sale. I just looked at a few other sites and did not see her yet. Spoke to N-Y as well and the person in chat could not confirm if N-Y was going to have her.

Lets see if someone else gets her up at a decent price.

= )

20 мин. назадxXsKuNkAyXxxXsKuNkAyXx
ULF (1 час назад) #19405324Pretty much...just found out the next shipment will be sometime in the summer for Lucy so that makes 3 shipments...I really just can't figure out how they are so bad at this. There are just so many figure companies in Japan and even the bad ones don't do this. I feel like I should get interest on pre orders from them since they hold onto the money for so long before even considering shipping.
I thought something like that myself, but all we got were discount vouchers which is ridiculous. I mean come one, considering official release was meant to be summer last year it would have been roughly a year just for you to get yours, want to count it from pre orders then that's near enough 2 years, it's not on at all.

Was official release meant to be August 2016 or was it supposed to have been before that cause I could have sworn that got delayed.
21 мин. назадLehstLehst
oooh cute combination. <3

although a bit odd for Etna LOL
22 мин. назадLilAtomicX10LilAtomicX10
MikaGx (30 мин. назад) #19405459THANK YOU!! I'm sorry! I'm late to answer you!! >__<o

haha no worries! xD
23 мин. назадLehstLehst
I was also disappointed that Sakura's original face didn't really fit the co-de hair. : /
Wanted to do this same swap lol. at least the two co-de faces fit each other (otherwise why bother GSC?)

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