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9 мин. назадCaylineKatCaylineKat
I'm selling her =), opened and displayed in showcase.
130€ shipping included for France.
10 мин. назадredxmaverickredxmaverick
Sturmhornisse (6 часов назад) #26409520Ohhh... That is really strange 0___0
Ok! Guess we will wait until preoders open to see what I can do? :)

Might be a click war... they haven't said anything about preorders and price yet. It's definitely going to be a limited number of statues so rumor is that it will cost between 500-700 USD.

I will let you know what's happening.
16 мин. назадIntoOpenWatersIntoOpenWaters
chachamarurin (8 часов назад) #26408045not a universal case. Most countries not European or the US have bigger trouble setting up Paypal. The system and interface are less friendly and less intuitive, the customer service is non-existent and there are a longer procedure to set up cards, also you cannot use a debit card, only credit cards.
I'm from Malaysia currently living in the UK and have used both countries' Paypal(s). Most of the Asian countries don't use Paypal at all, while it's so much easier for me to sell my figures compared to my friends back home because I have a Paypal which is reassuring, it doesn't mean my friends who don't have one are out there to con you.

I actually didn't realize that other countries might have a difficult time with it. I'm so used to seeing it as an option for sellers from all over the world that it didn't occur to me that some might actually have trouble with it. Sorry; I unintentionally made a sweeping generalization, and I certainly didn't mean to imply that people who don't have PayPal are 100% trying to scam you. I'm sorry if I offended you with my statement. I didn't realize my facts weren't straight.
21 мин. назадYuki-DemonYuki-Demon
Awww <3 <3 <3
mine arrived 2 weeks ago, if i only knew where to get some blank faces i'd make his own blushing expressions with thicker and darker eyebrows and less angry eyes KyokiPon (2 часа назад) #26415840Oh my gosh yesss ~ Thank you for noticing
this as well xD That was one of the first
things I noticed when his prototype
was released, not enough eyebrows.
27 мин. назадPorchyPorchy
A little idea on what she might look like painted.
I'll just leave this here...

28 мин. назадPaddyPaddy
You already pasted the exact same comment on my other thread :/
29 мин. назадYuki-DemonYuki-Demon
I love it <3
32 мин. назадPlasticomPlasticom
I have Miyu as well. ^^ I'm waiting for Aquamarine to paint their Archer, because I'd love to own a decent looking scale figure of such a handsome guy in my collection. ♡ Thank you very much btw. You have a great collection yourself!
Prettybarf (2 часа назад) #26416694I was about to say I couldn't imagine owning as many figures as you and not having any fate ones but I saw archer and kuro ordered lol :P, lovely collection btw
32 мин. назадsecretly-otakusecretly-otaku
Shoot! I have February already packed... but what the hell!! I would regret so much not getting this! #Broke4life
33 мин. назадbuttburglarrrbuttburglarrr
happy birthday pal
33 мин. назадShogunyanShogunyan
Stacycmc (2 часа назад) #26416383No, you misunderstand, sorry if I explained it poorly... I have no intention of getting one of these figures for $120 nor have I found one for even close to that. The issue I was describing is that the item is in fact well over $120, however Bhiner (the proxy / buying agent) will not accept PayPal for items over 800 CNY (which is roughly $120 USD), meaning if I go through Bhiner...I have to use a bank transfer or Western Union or something, which creeps me out. I get they are not an individual and are going to be more reliable, but they already stated my item is non-refundable, so there's that....now add the issue of what if it gets stuck in customs or just simply never shows up (lost in transit or something)....I can't file a complaint through Western Union...that's said and done. So what are my options then.
Anyway, my gripe was that for anything over $120USD they refuse PayPal....when it's the higher priced items that I would want to use PayPal for since I'd feel more protected....

Got it. Regardless, you should never pay for anything online outside of Paypal. $10 or $1000, makes no difference, always go Paypal. If they only accept Western Union, I wouldn't worry about it getting stuck in customs because it will almost definitely not even be sent to customs in the first place. Sending through Western Union is as good as flushing your money down the toilet.

TLDR: Don't.
35 мин. назад (34 мин. назад)katsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
infinity_haruka (4 дня назад) #26245544anyone open PO for helping me buying this figure at Tamashii Event

You can actually order our God here and save yourself the extra steps if you so prefer: [ext link ]
35 мин. назадUsagi1987Usagi1987
It was a mistake. Please delete it.
36 мин. назад (29 мин. назад)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
My parents have always been fine with it as long as they were in my room. MY room she said so I could do whatever there.
Tho if I did ask her opinion she didnt loke suggestive teen or younger girls, which I understand. But she didnt hold me back on having shoujo S either.

And these to me arent super lewd and not complete nudes either. Just go for it
37 мин. назадPhil_LizPhil_Liz
Stacycmc (2 часа назад) #26416733All good points...which you're right, not sure I'd want to go that path if I was the seller, so I don't think I'll even suggest that if they are unwilling to set up a PayPal account.
LOL...I just want it to be legit so bad!! Oh well, I'll likely never know...

Well, I think it wouldn't hurt to ask :)
I just wanted to give some reasons why he might refuse and that it doesn't necessarily mean that he's fishy because the shipping method does involve some risks.
There are also a lot of sellers who don't mind using this method.

I don't know which country the seller is from, but maybe using a proxy would be possible? Someone who could meet up with the person and ship it to you (of course someone who has PayPal)? I did this once for someone from Germany because the seller refused to ship the item to him. Maybe someone here on MFC could help out?
39 мин. назадyanjuyanju
Carousel (54 мин. назад) #26419163Didnt the Miku preorders have to be paid upfront? The only times you don't is when it's a lottery and you pay once you get confirmation of your lottery win, isnt it?
Ordered Miku (first batch) on Volks JP and didn't have to pay until she was ready to ship.

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