56 сек. назадdymitrdymitr
2 мин. назадdymitrdymitr
Neko-kawai <3!
2 мин. назадHeldrikHeldrik
That's a nice display of the Holy Quintet. I really dig the color-coded plastic squares for Madoka, Sayaka and Kyouko.
3 мин. назадanabelanabel
happy birthday! enjoy the wedding eli nendoroid *wink wink*
5 мин. назадCutsceneaddictCutsceneaddict
Selling one for only $120, free shipping. First come, first served! [ext link ]
8 мин. назад (7 мин. назад)SegaManSegaMan
Pigultrastar (36 мин. назад) #23865781This has been something that I've been wanting to say for a long time but I've finally got the motivation to say it since Goodsmile hasn't seemed to be fixing it. All the Disney figures seem lazy as hell.
1. The faces are always flat and boring with little to no shading.
2. Their bodies seem fat, and not in the chibi way.
3. The hands are not small and cute. They look large, fat, and stuck together like oven mitts.
4. There is a lack of faceplates and extra parts(They seem to have done much better with Rapunzel so I'll give them that, but I'm still salty over Bell). Parts that were in important scenes in the movie, such as Rapunzel's short, brown hair, are nowhere to be seen.
And lastly, wouldn't it make more sense to have a Flynn nendoroid with her crown/tiara? ((mfc link)) I feel like they are going to skip over him like they did with the beast. This isn't a complaint about the figure, but I truly wonder if they plan on completely skipping over the princesses' counterparts. Where's the Flynn and Maximus nendoroid. They already made a Frozen line but I still see no Kristoff and Sven. And no, we don't just want a Beast picture, we want a nendoroid of him! I honestly hope Goodsmile is just feeling out this Disney line to see if people really want it and they improve over time by not only making more characters, but also by putting more detail in the design of the nendoroid.
Edit: I also had to add in, why is her default hair the hair that was only in a few scenes of the movie? Where is her regular hair?

I think Disney tends to style her hair a like this for a lot of her products because it's easier than sculpting or drawing all of her super long hair. For figures like Nendoroids, it makes it easier on Good Smile without having to use a shortened version of her regular hairstyle. But I agree with a majority of what you had to say! These figures could be so much better than what we are getting.
10 мин. назадlimixlimix
Ah! Sorry about that! I wasn't sure if I should or not (・・;) I'll keep them grouped in the future!

12 мин. назадHeldrikHeldrik
The truth is that tits sell more than meat-an-two-vegs, and there are only a handful of harem leads that got their figures, even when their series is popular (see Ichika from IS and Kyôsuke from OreImo that got next to nothing, and let's not forget the "founder" Doormat-kun, a.k.a. Keitarô from Love Hina).

In fact, only Koyomi from the Monogatari series seem to have suceeded in getting turned into a figure, since he has a Figma, a Nendoroid and several PVC scales. What are the odds...
12 мин. назадKatsuoKatsuo
Thank you! I'm glad you like my pic (σ≧▽≦)σ
ughrora (2 часа назад) #23863592This is such a stunning photo!
13 мин. назад (2 мин. назад)SnowZeldaSnowZelda
AHHH! She looks so cute!! Since I have Anna and Elsa, I kind of feel obligated to get her XD
mix her with item #270139 to get short hair maybe? haha
13 мин. назадCutsceneaddictCutsceneaddict
Selling one on Ebay here: [ext link ]

SatanGeneral (2 года назад) #3228093Is anyone selling this figure?
15 мин. назадKiraYamato44KiraYamato44 凛遙✿(>ノ、<)x(ㅎ_ㅎ)✿Destine...
Please merge the entries as I didn't notice.

Limix, can you please only alert one entries and add everything there? It makes things a lot easier for a MOD in the future.

16 мин. назадerza1erza1
When will she be up on Nippon yasan I wonder
16 мин. назадOse_93Ose_93
I hope you have a Happy Birthday!
18 мин. назадMoonshineMoonshine
nyugvo6 (40 мин. назад) #23865736was there an update on the safeguard? I'd like to think he goes up on the same day.

Sadly this was tbe only picture my girlfriend tool at comic con.

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