3 часа назад (2 часа назад)Valestein3Valestein3 Morag's personal chef
I have a love/hate relationship with crawfish. On one hand, crawfish is GOOD! OH SO GOOD!

On the other hand, there's little meat for the effort. Well, the crawfish here in CA. I hear they're a bit bigger in Louisiana and Georgia but I'm too lazy to eat crawfish. With shrimp, at least I can just take off the head and legs and eat it with the shell. Not the most pleasant thing depending on how it's cooked but-

I'm sorry, are we walking about crustaceans now???

*chomps on shrimp* I bet you like your crawfish subbed huh?!
3 часа назадAshuriiKareshiAshuriiKareshi Mrs Shigaraki
For asks about specific shops I understand the rule that you have to ask/review in the shop forum. But for general questions like yours it's a bit stupid.

Such as you can't really ask in the shop club where to buy straps without going to a specific shop thread. So how are you supposed to find the answer? Spam each thread?

And a lot of clubs aren't really active so people can say 'but there's a club here for it' but when you look into the club it can have like 40 members none of which are active.

They reallllllly need to sort out the rules and think things through
3 часа назадsanchetossanchetos
3 часа назадOsomatsuOsomatsu
I tried to order but damn Shipping fee is 250euro to Turkey so Pass
3 часа назадChichi9521Chichi9521
Well this slipped under the radar... I had no clue about this, instant pre-order!
3 часа назадCyberleader2000Cyberleader2000
katsudon (2 дня назад) #29717312N-Y has had him for the past few days for... $150. He's just been sitting there, haunting me. Exclusive or not, that price is absurd.

your not the only one I caved and bought him 3 price hikes ago at 13,500 yen
3 часа назадArtemisiaArtemisia
Big thank you to all of you =) <3
3 часа назадSafeguardKillySafeguardKilly
zferolie (7 часов назад) #29815120Is there a reason why she is so cheap? [ext link ]
20 bucks seems really cheap for a figure. and an 8 inch figure at that

It's cheap because it's a cheap line. You aren't going to get a fully painted figure with shading and an intricate sculpt like a more expensive scale would have.

What you will get is bare minimum paint that is decently applied over a figure mostly molded in color. So it will definitely have a "plasticky" feel to it. You'll get a decent sculpt but nothing particularly amazing and there may or may not be some nasty seams depending on how well they can hide it.

If you like what you see and can get cheap shipping you'll probably be quite happy. Check out some already released ones to get a better idea of what to expect with a final release vs these early promo/event shots.
3 часа назадmeganemeatmeganemeat
please god i wish i could find this somewhere at a reasonable price
3 часа назадStacycmcStacycmc
Valestein3 (3 часа назад) #29824699It's okay. I completely understand that you like to suck the head of the shrimp for its juices (which you should) and eat the whole thing with the shell on haha
... I'm going to stop now

Lol... it was about eating shrimp!! Now what you are describing sounds more like crawfish....and you are sooo right!!!! ...and the spicier the better!!!
3 часа назадValestein3Valestein3 Morag's personal chef
It's okay. I completely understand that you like to suck the head of the shrimp for its juices (which you should) and eat the whole thing with the shell on haha

... I'm going to stop now
3 часа назадHentaiXXXHentaiXXX
They kinda sort of look like girls too... i mean it could be both gender :D
3 часа назадdollbyndollbyn
Looking into Harmonia more, I can't help but feel a little critical of this doll. They boast her articulation offers "lots of display options", yet every pose in the official images are very safe and stiff. They also say her make-up is "hand-drawn". Does this mean there is a chance for it to degrade or damage easily a la bjd hand-painted face-ups? I don't think I'd be inspecting the details so much if her price point wasn't so high; You could get a premium Pullip for less. It's hard to overlook, especially in the competitive market for dolls. Not sure if GSC thought this one through enough. :/
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)SionaSiona
amthetruehero (4 часа назад) #29822954You get charged for the first month immediately?:o even choosing the 3 month plan.. the shipping I didn't have a choose to make ..it says it's 120.00 euors

The 3 months is an automatique system while the 5 is managed by Oniri directly via contact mail, they will send the infos to pay via paypal or credit card during 4 months and one final before shipping.

It was kinda hard to get through the system, couldn't put an order with the 5 installments but I could manage to do it by contacting them so it should be good, they still need to fix some things but they are reactive so that's nice.
Happy to have this statue on order.
3 часа назадStacycmcStacycmc
You have some amazing pics!!! Love the ones where you played around with water and smoke...looks great, especially with your lighting!!! Great work!!!
3 часа назадValestein3Valestein3 Morag's personal chef
What a cozy and homey picture.

Reminds me when I was a sophomore in HS and I had to sleep on the couch for almost 6 months haha
3 часа назадHentaiXXXHentaiXXX
This is kinda unfair to oversea customer :( I'm ordering both of them but how come i can't get them...
3 часа назадfireflynatfireflynat
Why can't THIS get a PVC release, instead of the utter disgrace that is up for pre-order at the moment......

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