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3 часа назадharukaaharukaa
Wow, your collection is just beautiful *^*

Kuroo is proud of u

3 часа назадBetkaBetka
Heldrik (10 часов назад) #22789864And now, time for a commercial break:
"Hello everyone, I'm Madoka Kaname. I used to be a shy middle schoolgirl, my self-confidence was lacking and my spine was nonexistent. But then, thanks to a friend, I discovered Grief Seed™. Now I a am Puella Magi that can use an awesome rose bow and kick Witches' butts. Looking back, I laugh at how meek I was. Try Grief Seed™, it will change your life"

Hahahahah xD Good one! It really made me laugh xD
3 часа назадIpManIpMan
haha okay then its settled ^^
yah ace is fugly af :,D

btw did u complete ffcv 100% ? I did everything including the post game content and adamantoise and I cant let go of that game. such a tragic yet beautiful story.

Haha yeah atm Im buying more clothes than figs .. I hope some new nice releases will be announced soon
3 часа назадihuatzinihuatzin
Got my tracking number!
I am absolutely never holding out on these nendos especially ochako and tsuyu
3 часа назадdartinhuXDdartinhuXD
GodYagami (3 часа назад) #22801582Eu costumo usar o FromJapan, nunca tive problemas com eles. Usei umas 5 vezes até hoje.
Esse zenmarket eu não conheço.

Eu tenho raiva mortal do fromjapan pelas diversas sacanagens que eles fizeram comigo.

Já com o zenmarket eu nunca tive problemas, eles são bem flexiveis, respondem rápido, e não a frescura de limite de 6000 yens para um small packet
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)deussolarisdeussolaris
Niyari (1 месяц назад) #21556795just realized she doesn't have a garterbelt. seems weird to leave something out of her official character design, especially for GSC
Damn...I didn't even notice...disappointing :/
I really hope they add them on the final release like the other person here said but I really doubt it :(
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)LamunanLamunan
Alexiel (4 часа назад) #22799942Why are you so obsessed with nipples? They don't have them even in the anime -_-
I really Hope he's gonna be sold out for you who are complaining

i can live with that..(the pose just hides them good anyway) but it still looks just wrong.. they can sculpt it on females too or not? o_o
Personaly i would prefer it if they sculped them. Sometimes i cant get over it how strange some figures look without them xD... but this saves me money too.
i cant understand the fear/censorship(?dunno?) for male nipples.. but i hope this will be not be the only awakened ver.
3 часа назадskmmskmm
I'm getting her just for her scale lol
3 часа назадskmmskmm
1/12?! I'll be surprised if people can still see her haha.. c'mon Freeing, she's already cute and tiny enough! What, will we need a magnified case to display her? XD
3 часа назадDribzDribz
CherryHunter (6 часов назад) #22793348I don't need to see her in person to evaluate how her colours looks compared to other figures standing next to her.
I would make an argument that you shouldn't rely on the literally 5 photos that are on here where she's displayed next to other figures. Hey, don't like her, I really don't care. It's just silly to make a statement like "her shading is so poor," when you don't own the thing and haven't even seen it in person, just in some low quality photos. I can say with certainty that her colors and shading pop a lot in person.
3 часа назадGodYagamiGodYagami
Pescador7 (13 часов назад) #22787968Valeu pela dica. Estou tentando pelo zenmarket na esperança de que funcione.

Eu costumo usar o FromJapan, nunca tive problemas com eles. Usei umas 5 vezes até hoje.
Esse zenmarket eu não conheço.
3 часа назадerza1erza1
Now I'm even more excited for this figure then ever before can't wait
3 часа назадalazif03alazif03
Mandarake: 8k unopened [ext link ] and 9k unopened with poster (price went down) [ext link ]
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)DBZRuss25DBZRuss25
I am keeping mine sealed and I love it MajesticCow (7 дней назад) #22458692I got him and it's a delight to look at.
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)DBZRuss25DBZRuss25
Hi happy Birthday best wishes and many more to come ✨
3 часа назадriringoriringo
Gonna skip him. Not really a fan of Sato's sculpting. :\

However, I hope he doesn't really bin this time because the way they've been consistently binning gives these figures a bad rep, when there's nothing wrong with them at all.
3 часа назадDBZRuss25DBZRuss25
Because we're young and still learning, improving on keeping up with "must have" figure releasesyurirainbowz (6 месяцев назад) #16836017Why do I always find the good stuff when its too late? TnT
3 часа назадHalcioneHalcione
1/1 Go big or go home!

for real though, I'm a 1/7-1/8 guy, space is premium :(

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