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2 часа назадAsumaAsuma
I hope at least Todoroki gets announced during summer wonfes c_c
2 часа назадTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board Glebster! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
2 часа назад (2 часа назад)JosineJosine
Most of my collection is 1/7 or 1/8, and I feel like 1/7 is the optimum size. I also have a few 1/8, I wouldn't say they are too small but slightly bigger is nicer :) Anything smaller than 1/8 is too small for me.
2 часа назадGingerCat-PGingerCat-P
I've read the rules and I agree to them all! ;v;
2 часа назадDrSeehundDrSeehund
today i got a message that NY is preparing my Package :D yay i hope i dont have to wait too long
2 часа назадclod_lilyyclod_lilyy
Alter's pair-figure for duet!victuri, painted prototype for Sousuke and prototype for Rei and Nagisa!
More fire emblem figures and nendoroid, painted Ushijima nendoroid, A badass Sailor Moon scale figure!
2 часа назадsulukungsulukung
Nobody (4 часа назад) #22797467Nowadays, mostly yes. IIRC item #96892 came with her boobies on bold display in the box window. The variant item #104872 which came a few months later had some paper wrapped around her chest. However I doubt if a bit of paper helps against x-rays. lol like they suddenly feel the need to be modest by covering it with paper wrap. Thanks for the input. Look like I can only pray lol.
2 часа назадLinaLina
IridescentFall (2 часа назад) #22803403What a great collection! I admire your dedication and your display looks lovely! (^v^)
Thank you kindly!!! I'm really happy with how it turned out too with what little space I have at the moment! Sometimes I forget how big my collection is. I honestly thought 70 magnets would be more than enough, but I was so wrong. . .
2 часа назадXShipperXShipper
riringo (3 часа назад) #22801067However, I hope he doesn't really bin this time because the way they've been consistently binning gives these figures a bad rep, when there's nothing wrong with them at all.
Yeah, the same. I do not get why people keep saying "hope he doesn't sell well" and "hope he will hit the bargain bin" :/ if I love the show and the character, I want to support the manufacturing of new scales by purchase of already available items.
2 часа назадLinaLina
harukaa (3 часа назад) #22802380Wow, your collection is just beautiful *^*
Kuroo is proud of u

Thank you, thank you!!! ; 3; A lot of time, money, and tears have gone into this collection so I am so glad Kuroo is proud of me!
2 часа назадIridescentFallIridescentFall いいよ~
What a great collection! I admire your dedication and your display looks lovely! (^v^)
2 часа назадMariko014Mariko014
debinoresu (2 часа назад) #22803025nice first loot! i love prize figures. also, isnt your sakura actually an sh figuarts, not a figma? or am i mistaken? regardless, shes very cute.

Wait is there a difference?
I am fairly new to this all. I do want to learn more :)
(she is from Sh Figuarts)
2 часа назадNemsEngelAceSasuNemsEngelAceSasu
Bnha figures! Others than Bakugo and Izuku. That's really the only thing I wish for.
2 часа назадMauxjediMauxjedi
Great post! it looks like you've got a good start on a fantastic collection!
2 часа назадdebinoresudebinoresu
nice first loot! i love prize figures. also, isnt your sakura actually an sh figuarts, not a figma? or am i mistaken? regardless, shes very cute.
2 часа назадcookie_on_firecookie_on_fire
RmH (1 день назад) #22756670So is this only available during the campaign then? Or will it go on sale normally after?
My understanding is that the canpaign will offer a $10 discount off the regular price, which suggests that it will be available for sale later on.
3 часа назадdebinoresudebinoresu
HOW MUCH MONEY IS THIS somebody help me find this, where would i need to send a proxy at wonderfes to get it?
3 часа назадharukaaharukaa
Welcome & Hope you will enjoy your time here ^^
3 часа назадalazif03alazif03
Sbab (21 час назад) #22777346View spoilerHide spoilerNon, je n'ai pas encore reçu ma petite item #13684 , mais elle ne devrait plus tarder je pense. Ta nouvelle Al Azif est à la hauteur de tes attentes ?
item #464608 est effectivement la plus belle Luka pour le moment. J'apprécie particulièrement le fait qu'on puisse l'avoir avec ou sans le masque, comme dans le jeu. L'absence d'un rappel à la musique est fidèle au clip du jeu, centré sur l'univers du casino. En tout cas Max Factory a l'air d'avoir encore une fois délivré un boulot impeccable sur la sculpture et la peinture!

Al est très mignonne en effet, même si elle n'a pas beaucoup d'accessoires, seulement le casque et le petit personnage en forme de goutte. C'est l'un des premiers Nendos apparemment, le n°29, mais GSC a soigné le visage (les yeux surtout typiques de Nishi) et les détails de sa robe. J'en suis donc très contente et je l'expose avec son casque pour l'instant comme lors des combats avec la deus machina Demonbane.

En effet, MF a fait un superbe travail sur cette figurine, c'est juste un peu dommage même si on a bien eu une Miku dans le style du Petit Chaperon Rouge. Mais comme pour les filles de K-ON!, tant qu'à faire j'aime mieux avec les instruments. Cela dit, je pourrais me laisser tenter par cette magnifique Luka sans trop de problème ^-^

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