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3 часа назадLazuliLazuli Sailor Muteki
Enricraigal (1 день назад) #29768976Because Saturn doesn't have any rod in the 90's anime. Not even in the manga... ( none of the outer senshi have xD ).
I am aware of that but Saturn's Lip Rod did appeared in a video game.
3 часа назадNia-kunNia-kun
Little disappointed with her Meka but I understand why they went the tiny route. I might just cave, break my own rules and buy the funko pop of her and her mech so I can at least have something close to her nendo's size. super excited for her!!!
3 часа назадdefault_adefault_a
Bah-Roo (7 часов назад) #29829784great photo!!

Thanks! <3
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)default_adefault_a
Valestein3 (7 часов назад) #29829517Lloyd! :D
Love the glint effect on his sword and his red coat makes him look heroic.
Great shot!

Thank you so much! That's just a lil dodge&burn haha! I do my editing on my phone so I can't do anything too fancy >.>
3 часа назадdefault_adefault_a
ONITAICHI (15 часов назад) #29797191nice pic!

Thank you! <3
4 часа назадVictoryfraudVictoryfraud
kevinlowl (1 день назад) #29769335lol seriously the forums should at least have a section on the front page to remind us that it exists.

MFC has a forum? My world just got expanded.
4 часа назадSolarstormflareSolarstormflare
I never managed to get into the anime but this figure is so gorgeous, I want <3
4 часа назадTsuko-tanTsuko-tan
Welcome to the board ketolic! :)

Please take the time to read our Community Guidelines.
If you need any help with the site, please have a look at the FAQ. Also, if you find a bug or have a suggestion, please report it to the appropriate discussion at The Official Tsuki Club.

Enjoy your stay! ^^
4 часа назад (4 часа назад)adrikynadrikyn
Aarongeddon (4 часа назад) #29834406What about people outside of Japan? I tried to submit mine but I couldn't fill out the address form.

Follow the directions for overseas customers at the bottom of the page: [ext link ]

(it tells you what to click on in the first line, and then what to input into the form following)

The gdoc that was linked earlier goes to the correct form, so just fill in the info as described. I think they're going to ask for full addresses after? I just put my address in as all one line after the Zip/Phone.

Oh they replied to my tweet: [ext link ]

Put in all the info (address, phone, tel) in the one line.
4 часа назадAarongeddonAarongeddon
adrikyn (6 часов назад) #29834092I would submit your form now, that's what they said to do on Twitter. Seems the problem is very wide-spread. They're sending out replacement parts of 2 face plates and I think all the limbs (minus ball joints)?What about people outside of Japan? I tried to submit mine but I couldn't fill out the address form.
4 часа назадR_KasaharaR_Kasahara ( =₃=)*
Lulles (11 часов назад) #29819866It’s such a small detail, I hope you won’t give up on her because of it!
Small details can make or break a figure for me, and I'm not crazy about one that could literally unravel in a few years :/
4 часа назад (4 часа назад)anabelanabel
lightningmaid (10 часов назад) #29822158She's a bit bland, I hope the other girls will have more dynamic poses and prettier outfits.

Kanan is likely to get another figure that's part of the "main" Alter figure line for Sunshine girls. This figure is just a one-off thing for their "swimsuit" line (like the Eli and Maki before).
4 часа назадtsukinoaiplustsukinoaiplus
Well, it seems that she remains as boring as the prototype. And fewer exchangeable parts but same price tag as Jupiter. VERY nice.

Enricraigal (5 часов назад) #29834350Finally she has a release date... May 2018. Damn... A 5 month gap between Super Jupiter and Super Venus. This can not be good. I think the line is pretty dead.
So mad that she only comes with 4 faces... all the Super versions come with a closed eyed face and Venus is the only one who doesn't.
Thank you Bandai for buchering ( again ) the Sailor Moon line!
We will see if they release the other Super Senshi... I'm afraid ( sadly ) that this is the end. Hope they at least finish the super line and release Eternal Sailor Moon some day along with the Starlights.

Just my thought. Maybe they will continue this line but of course with only few characters left before the end of the whole anniversary project. Like Super Sailor Chibi Moon, the main character of SuperS could probably be the next one as they promote the new crystal movie.

But I dont think banDIE will surprise us anyways, except the crazy price tags. Repeating using the old concepts, arts and cheap quality. Sigh. I just hope they keep expanding the proplica series and release them.

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