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Welcome to the board Wooden! :)

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1 час назадPorgo0Porgo0
Titan_Scientist (2 дня назад) #27364166Ah, damn, I missed that originally. At least he looks like he has ankle articulation?
Yeah I think so
1 час назадAntagoniz3rAntagoniz3r
Oh man, Just how much is this going to cost though...
2 часа назадgamerszonegamerszone
For sale. Bought on Amiami.Opened to check. Completely new. Have receipt to prove. Too big for cabinet hence wanted to sell. COD. RM700 Malaysia, KL.
2 часа назадliaoyyliaoyy
One more month delay and she will become a christmas gift herself.
2 часа назадJingobeanJingobean
migur (2 часа назад) #27461635nice loot

Thank you~! (๐^╰╯^๐) ❤
2 часа назадCybogirlCybogirl
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day!!
2 часа назадCybogirlCybogirl
Maakie (18 часов назад) #27447669Ooh! I'm a big fan of the Arkham games! But especially Arkham Asylum, still my fave from the franchise. :) I also really liked the first Injustice, how is the newest one?
I'm also curious to the newest Persona, although I mostly played the 'older' games and am not really up to date with the franchise.
Well above already states a lot about the games I like, haha! But I play almost anything if the story/setting/environment intrigues me. :) But as a main genre I like horror survival the most. I hope to pick up The Evil Within 2 soon. :)
Nice!! I love scary games but I always freak out and can't play them lol. As for Arkham Knight, it's amazing! I love it so much and fangirled many times. I also bought return to arkham which has arkham city and arkham asylum remastered for ps4 and its so beautiful. Have you ever played arkham origins? As for Injustice, its is really great (never played the previous ones) however the story confused me a bit lol.
2 часа назадmigurmigur
nice loot
2 часа назадshiroitorashiroitora
China dress with a weapon? Why is this not a thing?
2 часа назадastarte952astarte952
2 часа назадnemesis95nemesis95
Hey! Thanks for your advices Falter ;)
I just PO her from Hobby Search, I was torturing my brain during the evening about that and finally I decided that she will be my first Holo’s figure ^^
3 часа назадore-samaore-sama
Would like to sell mine, contact me if you are interested
3 часа назадsnowfeisnowfei snack expert
Artistichooves (18 часов назад) #27447762Hello,
I red the rules and i wish to join ^^
I am just starting to collect some figurines , got some from japan
I hope with this group i can order allong and save some money

Hello! Please take the time to read the rules again and apply when you're ready. Thanks
3 часа назадRikudouRikudou
DarkMagician (5 часов назад) #27458411Tsume is determined to release any and everything but fairy tail

Dunno about that, still waiting for Minato, Hinata and Genos. While Tsume is stocking the shops first...
3 часа назад (3 часа назад)TestamentTestament
When you lost an auction, you lost always by 50 cents or a dollar cause it's the automatism that outbid you by the minimum possible. This make feel the thing more frustrating "NGGGGR just by 50 centsssss argh!" XD

But in reality...

For example if you're winning with a bid of 20$ and I'm crazy and bid at the last 10 seconds for 100$ and no one else do anything, I'll win the item for 20.50$.
If you rebid for 30$, automatically I'm the winner for 30.50$ until you bid for 101$
3 часа назадGreyAssassinatorGreyAssassinator
chapters0 (4 часа назад) #27459114I believe that this is the "last movie" hinata based on the hint dropped by the megahouse blog:
Hoping to see sakura and ino in their last designs. They should also drop more females such as kushina and karin.
was hoping for road to ninja, but this is just as good.
3 часа назадRickRick
Looking to buy her in the US. Message me with your offers.
3 часа назадMemyandiMemyandi |ω・)
Happy Birthday love!! <33
hope my gift reached you in time ;^;

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