49 мин. назад (48 мин. назад)katsudonkatsudon Play-Along Tsukkomi
infinity_haruka (4 дня назад) #26245544anyone open PO for helping me buying this figure at Tamashii Event

You can actually order our God here and save yourself the extra steps if you so prefer: [ext link ]
50 мин. назадUsagi1987Usagi1987
It was a mistake. Please delete it.
50 мин. назад (43 мин. назад)Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
My parents have always been fine with it as long as they were in my room. MY room she said so I could do whatever there.
Tho if I did ask her opinion she didnt loke suggestive teen or younger girls, which I understand. But she didnt hold me back on having shoujo S either.

And these to me arent super lewd and not complete nudes either. Just go for it
51 мин. назадPhil_LizPhil_Liz
Stacycmc (2 часа назад) #26416733All good points...which you're right, not sure I'd want to go that path if I was the seller, so I don't think I'll even suggest that if they are unwilling to set up a PayPal account.
LOL...I just want it to be legit so bad!! Oh well, I'll likely never know...

Well, I think it wouldn't hurt to ask :)
I just wanted to give some reasons why he might refuse and that it doesn't necessarily mean that he's fishy because the shipping method does involve some risks.
There are also a lot of sellers who don't mind using this method.

I don't know which country the seller is from, but maybe using a proxy would be possible? Someone who could meet up with the person and ship it to you (of course someone who has PayPal)? I did this once for someone from Germany because the seller refused to ship the item to him. Maybe someone here on MFC could help out?
53 мин. назадyanjuyanju
Carousel (1 час назад) #26419163Didnt the Miku preorders have to be paid upfront? The only times you don't is when it's a lottery and you pay once you get confirmation of your lottery win, isnt it?
Ordered Miku (first batch) on Volks JP and didn't have to pay until she was ready to ship.
57 мин. назадGandalfGandalf
Falter (7 дней назад) #26124175If i had any complaint it would be that one of the accessory arms appears to have a defect which would be very noticeable if used as a left arm though i did see a reviewer also have the same defect on theirs.

Had my Holo for a few days but only just been well enough to open her (this possible defect has been bugging me)

Good news is it's not a defect. Odd/Deformed arms generally tend to be for specific poses, and in this case the odd arm is a left arm designed to reach behind Holo, the notches fit the edge of her top. There's another arm with less noticeable notches to do the same for her right.

The box art doesn't actually show the left arm in the 'arms behind' pose so I suspect that's what is throwing people off.
59 мин. назадHEEDLESSHEEDLESS Sebastian~♡

MY GOODNESS!!!! Look at how CUTE/PRETTY she is!!!! ^_^
1 час назадChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
I know, but I just thought I should mention it since Tracer's statue was in the picture. Plus the link to that statue was in your other post as well.
1 час назадTeTeTeTe
nightFlarer (1 день назад) #26345181Hi, I am a 3D character artist!
If you want to make figures, 3D printing will be the easiest way to go.
Program wise Zbrush is the most popular choice for 3D sculpting and there is plenty of documentation and tutorials to learn how to sculpt and also how to prep the model for printing.
There's a steep learning curve and it takes a lot of practice so it might take you a while to make a nice model that's worth printing. You should also consider the option of commissioning artists to make a model for you to print.
After a print is done you'll have to "clean" it up via light sanding depending on the quality of the print because there'll be visible "layers" that you'll want to smooth out.
I hope that gives you a start on what to research on!

thank you for the kind compliment and i'm so glad my character is appreciate by many. this will encourage me to work harder so I can complete the book faster. :)
1 час назадGlowingFruitGlowingFruit
Hi everyone!
I'm slowly adding on MFC the doujins that I have and all of them got futanari content.
1 час назад (1 час назад)CarouselCarousel
Didnt the Miku preorders have to be paid upfront? The only times you don't is when it's a lottery and you pay once you get confirmation of your lottery win, isnt it?
1 час назадfurbysfurbys
A YEAR AGO I SAID I WASNT GOING TO GET HIM BECAUSE HE LOOKED BASICALLY OFF but now he should be at my house in the next day. So much for self control :/ lol
1 час назадMewsieMewsie
Thanks for pointing out the duplicates! I'm still getting used to the new updates. ^^;
1 час назадMaakieMaakie
I'm trading or selling this figure! Please PM me If you are interested in buying or trading! I'm selling the whole set and I can make a special price (and of course you save on shipping!) when you buy them all! :)

I live in Europe, keep in mind international shipping will be expensive if I have to ship outside of Europe!
1 час назад (1 час назад)Leo_OtakuLeo_Otaku
This actually is common I have read with this figure. I would try what others have mentioned. But maybe check out what others did that had this figure or send them a message :)

Found one of the older topics here: (mfc link) Hope it helps :D
1 час назадfranjandarfranjandar
lightningmaid (1 час назад) #26418300Oooh, ik zie nu pas dat jij de persoon was die een comment had geplaatst op één van mijn videos over de shops die undervaluen. Maar ik had al een comment geplaatst op je profile over de webshops die undervalue tijdens het kletsen eerder, hahahaha.
XD Oh ja nu zie ik het pas dat jij die Youtuber bent, dat is wel gaaf dat jij dat doet!
1 час назадfranjandarfranjandar
Bloempje (1 час назад) #26417961Oh, zou dat het zijn? Ja het zou kunnen, maar dan nog is het vreemd dat het het vretrek uit japan zelf zolang duurt bij de blogschrijver. Dus gister aangekomen in NL en er staat nog geen bericht dat je pakket vertrokken is vanuit postkantoor? Ben dan wel benieuwd wanneer je het krijgt.
Dat is raar, ik heb de blog niet gelezen dus il zou het niet weten helaas... Nee, helemaal geen bericht dat het is vertroken uit het postkantoor maar dan stuur ik wel een bericht waneer ze komt, ik hoop echt dat het niet al te lang duurt...
1 час назадfranjandarfranjandar
Nvaier (3 часа назад) #26413863Oh, but I'm talking about the figure, and the sculptor's interpretation of Tony's character, not the actual drawing. I do have a figure based on his artwork, and its face is flat, and kinda lame looking. This one on the other hand, took the transition from 2D to 3D very well. At least in the prototype.
Ah that does make sence now that I think about it, I should've known. Yeah the figures that are based of off the artwork never makes a perfect transition to the figure. The eyes in perticular look very dull to me in most Tony Taka figures.
1 час назадCarouselCarousel
cookie_on_fire (5 часов назад) #26411571GSC/Phat Cinderella Girls figures have been 1/8 scales since the beginning, so it makes no sense to follow along with another company??? Especially since Alter is the late comer here.

You do know it's not strange for a company to change scales depending on the popular trend, and that we already have 1/7th scale CG's from GSC subsidiaries? The "they only do 1/8" argument doesn't work because it isn't even true. Especially when this one is very clearly GSC attempting to keep up with Alters style of release. She currently doesn't fit in with any of the other Generations shown outfits or school girl outfits scales from GSC.

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