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Yeah, It's just blankets that we got from the local Army surplus store, so I guess it's serious? but nothing special.

I think they will, they're already talking about it! And I don't know if I'm popular, I just work a lot so I think they want to get as much time as they can.

I do actually, I find it very fun and imaginative! I've played D&D a lot, but Paranoia is my favorite. My group is currently playing through some entry level Pathfinder stuff after that recent Pathfinder Humble Bundle. I'm a Gnome Wizard in this campaign!

And I'm just not sure I could do the painting on a large scale, with minis you can just add one or two lines with a tiny brush and it looks good, but with a garage kit or something like that? you'd have to get the detail perfect or it'd stand out.

Ireland is pretty far, how long does it usually take?

Ah. My country is neutral so it seems pretty weird to me going to surplus stores o.o

Ohh that sounds pretty good. I've only tried sorceress so far. I like it because with bloodlines you can get a lot of very cool and different results. My girl uses performer :3

Oh right garage kits o_o Yeah no I saw them years ago and thought they looked so cool and I'd love to try it.. but nah I feel the same xD I don't want to mess them up.
I remember going to a cafe in Osaka where they made figures in their spare time there. They were really lovely (but not for sale haha xD)

Hmm usually the full 7 days they estimate. I mean it's 9+4 flight hours for a human (not counting waiting for the transfer or getting to my actual house). And they spend around a day and a bit going from customs to my local delivery place. Unfortunately they seem to only deliver packages after I go to work, so last time I had to train to the other town, and walk over an hour (both ways) to the office x___x
Last time there were no customs though so that was a plus! <3 I hope one of my boxes might sneak through this time >___<

(I also went to Ikea and found a lighting strip I didn't notice on the website. Unfortunately it seems this type of multi-colour strip can't go to just white (or my eyes are off xP)

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