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Mauxjedi (7 месяцев назад) #20137015

Yeah, I'll definitely be careful! Lay down some old army blankets before I start.

She is pretty crafty! She usually likes sculpting, while my slightly older younger sister likes to draw. And it's always good to talk to the siblings, they're very interesting and they fight for my attention and I feel bad about letting time go by without hanging out with them...

Yup! They're all directly related to me! 9 kids, with me being the oldest. No twins, no adoptions.

That sounds fun! What kind of crafts do you do? I like painting figures as a craft, but only tiny D&D stuff so far, nothing for anime... I'm too nervous I'd jack something up! And I know exactly how you feel, I usually leave tracking pages open in my browser until they arrive!

Can never tell if Americans are serious about casual army items xD

Oh wow someone's Mr. Popular :p
It's cool that they're artistic. It's a good skill and interest imo. Hopefully they have a good time tomorrow. I'd say it's important for everyone to build good relationships with each other with so many in the house. I'm a family of two now so I can barely imagine o.o

Oh you're into D&D? I started a few months ago myself. My friends are running a home brew world of pathfinder and ofc I'm playing a cat girl. I used to RP online so it suits me well.(actually need to prep for this week's game x.x)

How could you jack up anime?

(the package has left Japan! Now just yo get to Ireland (sooooo far I font envy them))

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