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TraumaticSherry (7 месяцев назад) #20149707

I saw Evil Dead 1 and then...3 lmao and uhhhh it was interesting. I kinda wished it was more horror. I have not seen Braindead...but I've heard of it I think? I imagine a skelington with big bugged out eyes? I dunno but now I wanna watch that. I'm also planning on watching a movie called Jacob's Ladder

Yeah, Evil dead 1 was a bit too low budget, and part three was waaay too slapstick for me. 2 is a nice happy medium. Braindead is also known as Dead Alive, so you might know it that way, and the cover is a skelington with big bugged out eyes staring out of the mouth of a young lady, so I think you have heard of it! I've heard of Jacob's Ladder, but I've never seen it myself. Let me know how it is!
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