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Reiichiru (7 месяцев назад) #20096257
Oh wow congrats!! I wish you luck with the assembly process o_o I always want to just skip to the storage area and grab the box and go. Do show pics if you like! Room tours and seeing spaces are my creepy hobby. Love seeing things all nicely organized uwu

Do they believe in fairies or just interested in the artistic/fun appeal? It sounds really cool and relaxing uwu (well maybe without the family it would be...x3)

Yeah I've heard they're hard to put together, I have one of my brothers helping so hopefully it'll go smoothly. I have a pretty small space with my brother, but I try to keep things nice and tidy (or at least I think it looks nice). I'll probably post pictures though, so I'll definitely give you a heads up when I do!

And no, they don't believe in fairies, my littlest sister just loves that kind of thing and has two gardens of her own, one of which she put some hand crafted little animals in! She's the main reason we're going. But I think almost everyone is interested (in a family of 11 it's hard to please the whole group, no matter what you do)

Do long as you are patient and careful with the pieces it should be fine. Given the glass it does sound more annoying. Be ready to clean up all those fingerprints! :o

Oh wow she sounds crafty that's awesome!
11? Is this counting extended family or just nuclear? Yeah they won't all enjoy it, but a day out and time to chat is always good

I am going to make some crafts myself as my little order of rivets arrived from China yesterday :3
Gotta avoid constantly refreshing parcel tracking xD

OmegaWerrier (7 месяцев назад) #20110216

Thanks, I was sick last week, so I to make up for the days I missed.
I haven't played any Digimon game. I'm not that huge of a Digimon fan, but the first 3 seasons were big in my childhood, so Omnimon is a must have.
It's quite fun for me to build a model kit. This will be my first non-Gundam model kit but should be very similar. The pieces come in runners, you cut them off with a plier, sand it a bit, paint it if you want (I don't, I'm not willing to do that much) and put it together. Simple and feels satisfactory to assemble. It's an experience I'd recommend every figure collector to at least give a chance.
Sadly just hear the movie's canceled, more time to relax and play video games >:P

If you enjoy games like pokemon then dusk and dawn are really fun :) I just enjoy their designs and world personally.

Oh okay that sounds pretty relaxing all in all though not for me. I can see the appeal of building your scale but I like them simple xD

Oh darn :/ that always happens
I'm going to a party tonight but I'm nervous no one will talk to me.. Last time we ended up mostly on phones.. I invited the boyfriend as back up

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