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Mauxjedi (7 месяцев назад) #20096197Reiichiru (7 месяцев назад) #20066827How is everyone doing today? Any news? Weekend plans?

I'm going over to the local IKEA to pick up my first DETOLF, so that's pretty exciting for me. Other than that I think I'm getting together with some family to go visit a giant fairy garden that's a few hours away, but I'm not sure if I'll go.

Oh wow congrats!! I wish you luck with the assembly process o_o I always want to just skip to the storage area and grab the box and go. Do show pics if you like! Room tours and seeing spaces are my creepy hobby. Love seeing things all nicely organized uwu

Do they believe in fairies or just interested in the artistic/fun appeal? It sounds really cool and relaxing uwu (well maybe without the family it would be...x3)

OmegaWerrier (7 месяцев назад) #20095423After working 7 days straight, I'll have the weekend off, thank GOD! On Saturday I'll either play some video games or build item #41248 if he arrives tomorrow. Sunday I'm going to the cinema to watch Fast and Furious 8 with my co-workers.

Holy cow! Otsukaresamadesu :P Sounds like you've earned a rest o__o I'd totally burn out like that
Oh man digimon! Have you played the DS games? I've never had assembnly figure.. how is that? Do you enjoy putting it together, or is it kind of stressful? What's actually involved?
Good luck with the movie! Hope ye enjoy it (:

TraumaticSherry (7 месяцев назад) #20092191Reiichiru (7 месяцев назад) #20066827How is everyone doing today? Any news? Weekend plans?

I'm gonna watch John Carpenter's Christine film...and maybe Prince Of Darkness later ; u ; So that's prob my plans for the day. As for the weekend hmm.. who knows

I don't know movies well at all @__@ What kind of movies are they?
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