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This Club is for Dollfie / Dollfie Dream owners and worshipers.

Show you daughters here, and brag about them till you drop
Here you can talk and discus about clothing, extra parts and everything else you just love about them.

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08 месяцев назадLotteLotte
Hello, I recently seen these Dollfie dolls and fell in love with them (hence my avatar).
I want to get my first Dollfie doll but I do not have a lot of money, is it possible to only buy parts and build the doll up over time instead of buying the whole doll at once? o w o I seen parts being sold on the official website but I have no idea if it is enough to create the whole doll.
011 месяцев назадKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
If anyone is looking for a DDdy bodysuite (normal skin) you can PM me.

Accidently got one, even though I'm sure I ordered the regular version as it is the only model Volks JP has in stock -.-
01 год назадYorunoYoruno
Any suggestions on removing stains - NOT acne cream, RemoveZit or Dream Rescue?
01 год назадMintyMinty
johntheo95 (1 год назад) #6037627Has anyone received an winning e-mail for the new dolls?
Not yet. No one on the dollfiedream forums has reported getting an email either. Last day for results to go out, is the 15th and it looks like that might be how long we will have to wait.
01 год назадjohntheo95johntheo95
Has anyone received an winning e-mail for the new dolls?
02 года назадKibiKibi Prisma Kibino
Just a quick question: can you change the shipping address including name and country for pre-orders?

I fear I must pass an order, but this makes me worry:

"Please note: You are not able to change the registered name. We do not ship the order to anyone other than the person who placed the order.
* Unable to change the country"
02 года назадChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Sturmhornisse (3 года назад) #2381165It is so dead in here >____<
That is kind of sad....

I just joined! Be prepared for a revival!

Anyways I got my lovely louise MDD <3 bought some extra sakura miku clothing and cute pink with white lolita shoes :D

She will prob be my only dollfie tho :) there are 2 others but theyre not dollfies (kokonoe rin and aisaka taiga) tho if anybody would do a custom i'd prob prefer that :P but no plans in the near future tho.

Here are some photos:

(mfc link)
In her nightgown

(mfc link)
School outfit

(mfc link)
In her sakura outfit

No pics of the lolita shoes yet >.<

I plan to make pics of existing photos/artworks of louise with the doll instead :D
02 года назадKokoLuvKokoLuv
Can anyone recommend a trustworthy place to try and trade dolls? Because of some misfortune, I would like to trade my Prisma Illya for the Hollow Ataraxia one. It's brand new and everything's still sealed, if that matters.
12 года назадchobittsuchobittsu
I came across a Workshop that makes custom DD heads based on anime characters:
[ext link ]

On their Facebook page are lots more...
02 года назадAyshelAyshel
Looking to buy a Sakura MatouDD, if anyone is interested in selling it PM me ^^

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