iWhen your grail arrives broken :(n/a

02 месяца назадRajkeRajke Ca fanatic
I would return that and claim a full refund. To be honest this is the first time that i see a figure with this kind of damage. This is (even if it is a hard to find grail) unacceptable.
With this kind of damage i wouldn't even try to fix it. I hope you find another pair with no damage.
12 месяца назадJoniVeraJoniVera
As a GK builder, I'd attempt to fix it and get a partial refund. It is salvageable but would take quite a few hours.
02 месяца назадstyiastyia
Omg, I just typed this up in a very upset state this morning and I didn't expect to see this many replies from everyone. Thank you so much for all the messages of advice and support, and thank you for even sharing your horror stories of figures damaged in shipping :( I did try to tell my non-figure collecting friends what happened today but I don't think they completely understand how heartbroken I was, and the comments here made me feel better about this horrible situation. I'll be going through the comments and replying individually as much as I can tomorrow. For now, I've decided to return them thanks to everyone's advice. It sucks, but hopefully I'll be able to get an unbroken copy. I'll be updating the original post sporadically once I go to the post office and get a refund from my SS.

Thank you very much again!
02 месяца назадKyokiPonKyokiPon
Ouch~ those pictures are strong :(
I hope you return them, definitely
not worth keeping even if they were
your grail! !

Good Luck!
02 месяца назадCicielyCiciely
And I was just bitching about a broken foot joint about a week ago..that was nothing in comparison to this. I'm SO sorry this happened to you! Get a refund ASAP!!
12 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)CarouselCarousel
The biggest problem here is that many of them are not clean breaks, so repairing this figure to not look like it's glued back together would be an extreme undertaking. I personally would return this, but I'd push reaaal hard for an actual refund. Your money may loose value with inflation if you leave it for any period of time as store credit.

I had a similar problem, with FromJapan (because I've got no issue naming them when it was their screw up). Although it wasnt figures, it was books. Specifically a set of 1st edition One Piece with obi, so once fees and everything was done it came out to around $300 plus another $100 for shipping. They didn't include any packaging, and this was a HEAVY package. When they arrived all the spines had all rubbed their colors off and onto the box, effectively ruining their collection value.

I was furious. And FromJapan refused to admit any sort of fault, stating that I should have chosen secure packaging. When I shot back at them that if I had chosen light packaging would they have been shipped in a plastic bag they ignored the question. Because it was such a large amount of money I contacted my credit card and got the whole purchase reversed. The books were given to a friend and I use a different proxy now.
42 месяца назадTrashCatTrashCat
Omg I'm so so sorry to see this. :( This is probably the worst that can happen to a collector and it makes me so sad. Please don't try and repair them though, it's not worth it. Just return them and save the money for when they show up again. I know it hurts and a part of might really wanna keep them but it won't make you happy. :(

I recently got one of my grails and the seller had already stated that it had a little damage, a piece of the collar had broken but was glued back together and honestly, you barely saw the damage on photos and even now that I have the statue here, I don't really see it. I don't mind this damage but sadly I don't think you'll be able to repair the two like this ... ;__; the damage just looks way to severe.
02 месяца назадBlackSwordsman09BlackSwordsman09
Sorry this happend to you, I advice you to get a full refund so you can buy other figures later on. The fact that the figures came without the boxes should have been a warning sign especially with cold cast statues but oh well what is done is done.
02 месяца назадMarionEtxMarionEtx
I'm so sorry to see this, it's devastating! I would definitely return them and save the money for when they pop up again in good condition. Trying to repair them will be a hassle and personally, it would make me even more upset about the situation. I hope you can resolve it smoothly.

I recently had a similar, albeit not as traumatic experience with YJA. I had been hunting for Motoko item #388 hoping for a good deal and found one for 8K Yen listed as in great condition but with a damaged box. When I got her, the whole thing reeked of cigarette smoke, and one of her boots had been glued back on. At least it was just a matter of it having fallen off (it's a separate piece from the leg) so it was easy to remove, clean, and repair. However, the stink took a week of soaking to get rid of, and her upper torso area still smells a bit up close (though I'm hoping it'll dissipate over time). The box was definitely garbage due to the smell and yellowing that was not apparent in the auction images. I didn't bother to complain because I could fix her and I didn't expect the box would be worth keeping anyway, but I'm more cautious about my purchases now.
02 месяца назадtheglitchytheglitchy
I would be pissed if anything arrived to me in that condition. Did you ask the SS to repack the cold casts for added protection?
202 месяца назадElyrithElyrith

Return it immediately, it's useless to even try to repair it.
02 месяца назадIvorySirenIvorySiren
Oh my gosh I can't even imagine how you feel~ I know I'd be a raging storm if this happened to me!

I'd say just go for the refund and try your luck finding another one. Attempting to repair that... is so much work- too much!

Best of luck to you~~!
32 месяца назадaurybqaurybq
My heart breaks for you...but I would go with what everyone else is saying and return them. If it were me, I would probably feel regret and disappointment each time I looked at them and saw the broken lines/cracks.
12 месяца назадCrowMaidenCrowMaiden
I do a lot of customizing and repair work, and even I find that to be a daunting looking project.

I'm so sorry somehing like this happened to you, especially with a grail. I'd say get a refund, unless you know someone who can make a great fix of it. As WanderingWastrel said, it will only nag at you if its repaired badly and you can see it.
12 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)Tiamat26Tiamat26
Since it was sent through EMS wouldn't filing a claim be an option? EMS does cover to 200 $ so Even thought it was damaged beyond recognition I would also try that as well. The seller I think has to put in the claim ( Not sure about that ) but I myself had an issue with a company once I filled for a claim as the seller was being uncooperative and I did manage to (after a long process) get a check from the post office.

Why would you send back something that is so destroyed. Then again I understand that you do want the refund and if the seller is willing to claim it through EMS then you would get your money back way faster. Just re-read your blog again. So if you make the claim the seller wants the info so that he gets the money? And as so all he wants to do for now would be to give you an in store credit for it. Granted you buy a lot from them but personally, I would want my money back. If you are such a good client then he knows you will be back and it is their error for not packaging the figurine properly. That is my thoughts on this matter.

Feel for you as I have lived thought this; several of us have. I guess it is part of collecting that no one want to admit happens.

= )

92 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)KittanZeroKittanZero
I can't remember if I've ever had a grail arrive broken, but I certainly have had other figures or statues I've been looking forward to show up damaged. Sadly, but also fortunately, I've become pretty skilled at repairing them to pristine condition. Especially cold cast figures since, like you said, they're very prone to damage.

I wish I could help you repair this, but I'm afraid they would suffer even more damage if shipped again.

If you'd like to try and learn how to repair them, you could find a strong epoxy glue, a drill, metal wire or pins, super fine sandpaper, epoxy putty, acrylic paint set, small paint brushes, and a finishing spray of some kind like Mr. Super Clear Flat.

The first step would be drilling and pinning the larger broken pieces that need more support. There are a lot of good pinning tutorials that people have already posted blogs about in the past: (mfc link) (this one is about resin garage kits, but cold cast statues work mostly the same way in my experience).

The second step would be gluing the broken pieces back together. For any excess glue that might squeeze out of parts that you're gluing back, just let it dry and lightly sand the dried glue down until it's smooth across the seam of two parts that have been glued.

For any noticeable gaps that are still left between parts after they've been glued, you can use self drying epoxy putty to fill them in and restore the smooth surface across. Use a bit of water when working with the putty to thin it out to make it more manageable and fill in the gaps. Let the putty dry for 24 hours, and then lightly sand any areas that putty has been used on until it is smooth across the seam again.

The next step would be painting. I like to take my repaired statue and work in a brightly lit room while I paint so that I can accurately see all of the colors I'll be recreating. Start by trying to match up the colors that need repainting by mixing the some of paints that you have until the mixture looks close enough to the area you're painting on. Thin the paint out with water until the brush leaves only a light, thin layer behind after each stroke. This will help keep the paint looking smooth after each layer. Be sure to let the paint dry between coats and not to let the brush get too watery, or the paint will drip off the area onto other parts of the statue. After you're satisfied with the amount of layers and the putty or glue seams are no longer visible, move onto other areas until you're done. Then let everything dry for a few hours or even overnight.

Edit: Forgot to add that when you may need to restore any shading to areas that you've painted over, pastels (non oil based) are your best friend. Take a piece of sand paper and rub the pastel color that you need over it back and forth until you have a powdery patch of the pastel left on the sandpaper. Use a q-tip or dry paint brush and lightly apply the pastel powder to the area that needs shading. Do this before you seal the statue. After it has been sealed, the pastel will remain in place and your shading will be restored.

The last step would be sealing you're newly repaired statue with finishing spray. Only move on to this once you're completely happy with all of the repairs and paint work. It's recommended to do this in a well ventilated area with some kind of mask so you don't inhale the fumes. Use a flat spray to spray the matte areas of the statue, and mask any areas that are not flat or matte before you start spraying. If there are glossy areas you'd like to seal as well, wait for the flat/matte spray to dry and then seal off those areas when you're spraying the glossy ones. Let everything dry for hours, and your repairs should be done.

Sorry for the wall of text, I hope this can help you in any way. I know how much it can suck to get a broken statue, so I hope you're able to repair your grail! Good luck with everything!
02 месяца назадMeleeHellMeleeHell
I had one of my holy grails arrive broken once, I was incredibly pissed. at the time it was my most expensive figure. It was a really old figure and I couldn't find it anywhere else, paid about $300 for it. I made a giant hissyfit online, seller did eventually give me a partial refund, though the process of getting it was an absolute hassle and took over a month. In hindsight I was kind of a dick to the seller but at the same time I missed so many hours of work going to and from the post office filling a claim, in the end it all worked out I guess, was lucky enough to find another one.

I still have the broken one, ill probably always keep it, in a way its kind of special to me lol, represents the difficult journey I went through to get that figure lol.
02 месяца назадkunarielkunariel
Holy fuck. I would be a mess if ANY figure arrived like that, let alone a grail!
I'm SO sorry you had this experience!
If it was myself I'd take the refund, especially since they're offering it in full.
I think that since this is a grail of yours you deserve better and not having to worry about fixing it.
Sometimes the process of fixing can even make things worse.
This is a nightmare and I don't know that I'd be able to enjoy a figure if it came like that and I had to fix it.
02 месяца назадTraumaticSherryTraumaticSherry Eustass Kid Loyalist⚓
My holy grail arrived in used condition with paint damage when it was listed as new. And my other semi holy grail arrived with a dented in box :'> So I know what the disappointment feels like. ;u;
02 месяца назад (2 месяца назад)MaybellMaybell
Oh gosh no! I'm SO sorry that this happened to you!! ;w; It's always bad if a figure arrives broken (or in this case I'd already call it "destroyed" aswell) but if it's a long wanted and rare figure/grail it's even worse... v___v

I once received a broken grail myself...so I kind of know how you must be feeling right now. I mean mine wasn't broken/crushed in so many pieces...but still... >__<
In my case I ordered item #24846 from ebay and keept him but only because the damage wasn't too bad for what I paid for mine. His leg and the kunai was broken and he got ripped of his base but everything aside from his leg was easy to repair... But since yours got severly damaged I'd take the refund and hope for another to pop up in the future.

I hope you'll finde another one if you decide to accept the refund and in case you are keeping it I hope the repair goes well. :)

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