iGarage Kit Gallery: Mirai no Takeo-chan Bustn/a

Hey MFC,

Its time for another Garage Kit Gallery! :)

I just finished Mirai no Takeo-chan Bust (item #57385) and wanted to share it with everyone. This time I chose a color scheme based off another of Range Murata's characters, Houjou Kuniko (encyclopedia #6209) from Shangari-la (encyclopedia #1291) since I really like that anime and I felt that both the kit and character resembled each other.

This was another fairly easy build with only a few pieces compared to more complicated kits. Some of the pieces didn't fit very well so I had to spend some time trying to get pieces to fit better. I was able to fix some, others still had a few small gaps :( Being an old kit, its not surprising the sculpt is more rough xD.

Here is a photo of the finished parts.


Putting her together was a bit tricky because the arms and legs had to to all be fitted into the base at the same time. But she was worth it :)

Here is some photos of the finished kit, Enjoy!

(My phone camera has some etchings :( sorry about that, the marks are not actually on the kit)







If you have any questions or comments feel free to write them below.

If you enjoyed this, I have more GK blogs here: (mfc link)

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